All about (the not at all narcisistic) Bill P. Godfrey

I was born at a very early age. I later grew up, got married, and built this website.

I am English. So English I occasionally say things like “Pip pip”, “Jolly good show” and “Cheerio” in a Bertie Wooster like voice.

I’m a software engineer by trade, which I write about on my Hackensplat Industries website. Let’s just say I’m very good at software development and you should read all the interesting stuff I have to say.

I also get irrationally angry about stuff. I have another website, Cranky Bill, where I write about less techie and more political stuff. It only has a few articles up at the moment but read it anyway. (Please.)

I’m a bit of artist, but strictly in the amateur category. My YouTube and Flickr pages have lots of stuff to browse. Enjoy.

Most Thursday evenings, I attend The Sunset Lounge, a weekly open-mic music event in Newport Pagnell (near Milton Keynes) where very talented people come to perform. I built their website.

I proudly support the UK’s continued membership of the European Union. I would cheerfully join the Euro, the Schengen area and the Metric system. (If you’ll excuse me, I’ll be humming Ode to Joy in the corner.)

I am a Republican, a statement I almost always have to follow with “No, not that meaning of Republican”. Briefly, I advocate for parliamentary democracy. Voters elect their representatives to parliament who are empowered to make the difficult decisions and be held responsible for those decisions. Referendums throw that principle of responsibility out of the window so in my book should only take place inside the framework of an established amendable constitution with checks-and-balances throughout.

I read newspapers. Actual paper ones. My preferences these days are the i and the New European.

I like podcasts. My favourites include Remainiacs, The Unmade Podcast and Hello Internet.

I plan to add a little game or something fun to this site, but for now its just a bunch of links. Sort of a business card if you will.

I need to work on this section.

Regards, Bill. 🦉🐘