A flag for Milton Keynes

Watch the flag wave!

Having worked in Milton Keynes for over a decade, I was surprised to learn that we don’t have our own flag. I was attending an event organised by a Milton Keynes advocacy group and they were using the flag of Buckinghamshire. I set to work on a design and with the advice of a few friends, made this.

I propose that Milton Keynes formally adopt this flag and wave it with pride.


The cross of St. George, the flag of England, represents Milton Keynes as a part of England. The circle represents the grid system and roundabouts that Milton Keynes is famous for. The position of the circle in the centre represents the place of Milton Keynes at the centre of England.

The curve is a cubic curve (turned sideways) with a mathematical formula. y = 1xĀ³ + 9xĀ² + 6x + 7
This represents the 1967, the year Milton Keynes was founded. The use of a formula also represents mathematics, the contribution of Milton Keynes area to the war effort.

The canton of the flag has a cow spot, representing the famous concrete cows. The spot itself comes from the concrete cows themselves. I visited the site one day to look for a suitable spot. I selected this one, making the decision to invert the black and white to better fit in the design. The spot on the flag is the result of tracing the outline and smoothing the closed curve.

About Me

My name is Bill P. Godfrey. By day I am a computer software engineer, by night I am an amateur Vexillographer. I’ve worked in Milton Keynes for over a decade but I live in Northamptonshire.

Most Thursdays, I’m at The Sunset Lounge, Newport Pagnell’s open mic music night.
(I made their website.)

I enjoy studying flags and flag design. This is my first serious design and I plan to make more when the inspiration finds me.

Is this a joke?

If I were joking, I’d propose this as a flag.

Seriously though, the cows and the roundabouts are iconic. You may as well embrace them.

“Milton Keynes has its own flag? What, a concrete cow and a roundabout?”