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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Star light, can you remember me today?

So I was absent mindedly humming a little tune to myself. I wasn't really thinking about it, the tune just popped into my mind while I was thinking about other things. Then from nowhere, the chorus appeared, incomplete, in my mind.

Star light, can you hear me today?
Can you *mumble* *mumble*?
Tell me what you need.

I suddenly remembered that it was a song that must have been popular several years ago. I've not followed "the charts" in ages, but I do recall it had a clever (I thought so) animated video, telling the story of an ignored musician, who finally gets noticed by passing aliens. I had never seen it all the way through, but I had seen many small clips.

So I went to Google and YouTube, to see if I could any mentions of this song, or perhaps the band had put a copy of that video up. No such luck. I found that "MUSE" have a completely different song called Starlight, as do a New Zealand band called "Zed". I searched for the lyrics I could remember, but Google only found unrelated dialogue.

I'm now wondering if I only imagined hearing this song. Does anyone else know of it?




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