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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

More less significant cinema

A few more videos made for the YouTube community. Enjoy.

A trailer for Clones - Turkey Embargo
So I have a small part in the Clones christmas special, but many of my subscriber's wouldn't see it. What to do?

Bill joins the bed-in.
In support of John Reagan's protest of YouTube's failing comment and mail system. My clip was later used in a round-up of responses. (I shamelessly reuse another piece of video here. Can you spot where?)

Ever wondered what do I get up to on a saturday? No? No need to watch this then. Watch samsarajade's original video (in which my video was in response to) instead. Many thanks to Gamma Goblin for letting me use his wonderful music again. (See the video description for full links to his pages.)



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