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Monday, December 18, 2006

Less significant cinema

Its been several days since I published a video. Some of the videos I do were primarily as "video responses" for the YouTube community rather than works in their own right. I hope to be publishing a big video soon, so it seems a good time to talk about these ones. Enjoy.

The evil eye
A response to a video proclaiming that "BROWN-EYED GIRLS RULE!!!". Alas, I have blue eyes. And I'm not a girl.

I do, however, rule.

One-ish World
This was my ill-conceived contribution to the One World project. It marks the first time I showed my full face on video. I reused most of the material from this project to create , so it wasn't a complete waste of time.

LemKuiper's one question
An exasperated man rants about the spate of Five Questions videos that were going around. "This is one step away from What's your favourite colour?". There was only one response I could make.

⅛ - One Eighth (By Proxy)
By this point, I had completed ⅛ and put it up on YouTube and then taken it back down again. I should have realised from the way YouTube had over-compressed One-ish World, that it would never take ⅛ properly. In the end, I put it on Google Video, but I still wanted it to be on YouTube, as I have subscribers there who I don't think read this blog. So I had an idea.

Chuckie Egg - A fast flashback
A video of me playing Chuckie Egg, speeded up several times. I began to wonder if speeding up video is habit forming. (Play it here.)

Precipice does the Chicken Dance
YouTube celebrity Zipster asks the world to do the Chicken Dance. (Better known to Englanders as The Birdy Song.)

So there we have it. I have a couple of musical videos in the works, which I hope to publish in the coming weeks. I'm also thinking about doing some more cookery videos. If you have a favourite food you want me try out, please leave a comment.



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