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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Clapping along to the music

I've just been reminded of one of my pet hates, and I felt the urge to write about it.

So I'm watching television and there is a band performing some music. That band is rather good, but suddently, its all spoilt.

Some members of the audience decide to start clapping along. I hate that! "Excuse me, I'm trying to listen to the music here!"

Even worse is when the music will change tempo, but the audience will take a few claps to realise they are no longer in time.

Once, I saw someone do a novelty act on television. He had an electric organ on the floor and he played it by bouncing tennis balls at the keys while he was standing up. Once he got started and picked up the tempo, the audience started clapping. Just then, the performer stopped and looked at the audience with an "Are you lot all on drugs?" look.

After a nervous laugh, the audience kept quiet and allowed the performer to continue after being firmly put in their place. But with that act of defiance, he lost the love of the audience. It didn't matter how good he was, he only got polite applause at the end.

I really felt sorry for that guy. I can imagine he's still doing his act, but he keeps his audience in handcuffs.


  • Absolutely behind you on this one! Although I half been known to clap after solo's in a jazz concert, much to my self loathing.

    What does my head in is when people clap between movements at a classical performance! I mean it really really annoys me! Youre only meant to clap after the entire piece has ended!! It's the same for ballet. It's gotten so bad in ballet now that the dancers come out and bow after a few frivolous fouettes, expecting applause.

    Theres a reason for not clapping in the middle of performance; its because there are cretins in the audience, who have no idea when an act or movement ends so once they feel the end is coming near, they start clapping at every pause in the music.

    By Blogger GammaGoblin, At 10:44 AM, September 19, 2006  

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