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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Bad Flag!

Flags are (to me anyway) an interesting art form. Simple designs but they work very well when done right. To me, a good flag has a design that child could draw, but isn't too simple. Long straight lines that can be drawn with a ruler, crosses, simple diagonals. All good.

This is due to a bad experience in school when I was around 8. We had to draw the various flags of Britain.

The flags of England, Scotland and the Union Jack were all easy enough to do, but then I came to this one...

As much as I love Wales, I did not love it's flag that day. It was then I knew that I would not be a sketch artist.

A flag can also be too simple. Too many flags around the world are just two or three stripes. Draw two lines in a rectangle an colour in. YAWN!

But award for dullest flag ever goes to...


Now really, what sort of flag is that? Just green? Did you just run out of different coloured pens that day? I know its meant to be symbolic of Gaddafi's green revolution, but c'mon guys. You can do better than that.

Anyway, I still love Wales and I plan to retire there. Its my first rason to be happy. Please don't hate me.


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