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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Adventures in websites - Beyond blogging

This is the third in a series looking at personal web sites. You may or may not wish to read the earlier installments.
Part One - Student days
Part Two - Bishop to Blogger

I like to write. Most of this blog is made up of stupid little articles but occasionly I completely go off the handle and write deeply technical stuff. It took me ten minutes to find these - and I know what I'm looking for. In a month's time, even this list will disappear under the waves.

I'd love to be able to tell a potential employer to go to my website and bask in my unaccountable brilliance, but they will probably just find articles about jumping and links to animations about rabbits who chase cats.

This is my main beef with blogging software, that it doesn't make for a very good document publishing system. There is a layout for blogs, and thou shalt not deviate from the norm.

I could use one system for the bloggings and another for the longer articles, but this just felt unsatisfactory. Each did its own job very well, but together, it was an unprofessional mish-mash of different styles, different commenting systems, inconsistent navigation, etc.

What I'd like is a document management system that includes a capable blogging sub-system. If I can't find the perfect one, I'll just have to make it myself. You have been warned.

(Coming up in part four, Lettuce to the Editor.)
Subliminal message by Neil Massey.


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