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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Vote for me!

Yesterday, four flyers for four candidates dropped through my door. (In my area, there are five candidates.)

I do prefer to vote for the person rather than the party or the party leader. After all, in the UK, the prime minister is elected not by the people, but by the MPs we do vote for. Indeed, from 1990 to 1992, the prime minister was John Major, even though Margaret Thatcher was the party leader at the previous election.

Alas, the flyers felt like they were written by the party, with token space for a photograph and the name. The candidates themselves, a mere detail. They get a paragragh to make fuzzy statements about themselves and how much they support the party, but not much more.

The exception here being Andrew Hammond, the Labour party candidate. Maybe its only motivated by the fact that Tony Blair isn't as popular as he used to be, but his flyer has a personal touch. It talks about him as a person, not just as an automaton for the party. What's more, he knocked on my door just as I was writing this. The candidate himself, not just some party worker.

(It was a coincidence I'm sure. I doubt they have detectors looking for bloggers who appreciate a personal touch. Just in case.)

The incumbent Timothy Boswell, the Conservative candidate, was the only one without a flyer. Did it get lost? Did they bother writing one? Did they decide it wasn't worth the expense of printing one for me? Did I just lose my copy? I don't know.

So, who to vote for? If the personal touch was the only thing, it would be a vote for Andrew Hammond, the only one to step out of the party shadows. Alas, what with no independents, I can't ignore the parties. Andrew Hammond's party had David Blunkett as home secretary and they introduced banana-republic style all postal voting.

Most of all, they seem obsessed with "Hard working families". I'm a single guy who doesn't want any children. Ever. Now my taxes are paying for family tax credits and children's trust funds. Enough with the breeder-pleasing!

As for Veritas (Barrie Wilkins) and the UK Independence Party (Barry Mahoney), I feel that the European Union is more benefit than cost. These two parties want to come out of it.

The Liberal Democrats (Hannah Saul), I do tend to agree with much of what they say. They are the only political party I have ever considered joining. A broad plus for me in general, if only she could step out from behind her party. Their flyer was the worst in terms of personality. It was a Liberal Democrat flyer that just gave her lip-service in passing as an after-thought.

The incumbent Conservative won last time with a little under half the vote. He doesn't need my vote. He'll probably win regardless of who I vote for. Perhaps I can do my bit to make this area seem a bit more marginal. I've not lived in this area for long enough to really know what he's like.

So, looks like either Andrew Hammond or Hannah Saul, but a personal call to my door could make all the difference.

Anyway. I'm going to email each candidate and invite them to leave a comment, that would also make a difference.

For the rest of us, please actually go to your polling station to vote, even if you just spoil your ballot paper. Its the best way to make sure your vote is counted and not stolen by a bunch of dodgy geezers.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I've been adopted.

A cat has taken to hanging around my house, most probably attracted to the sucker who lives there having a strange urge to feed it.
I've been well and truely adopted. Back every day for more food. I'm probably one of about fifty people who feed this one.

Any good ideas for a name for this kitty? Please post a comment.

"You may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile"

Monday, April 25, 2005

"But I have to be sure when I walk out that door...

...oh how I want to be free baby" "I want to break free", © Queen

Any escapologists out there ?

The Crimson room is a fair point-y click-y affair, but the Viridian Room is a toughy
- just completed it - although I did have to get some hints about one item [ a key ]

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Animated short of the week. (Small, medium, large)

Promise freely, fullfill sparingly.
-- Swedish proverb.

I found a page of Swedish proverbs. Enjoy.

His Mama Must Be So Proud

Yes, I have insomnia again. And I've spent loads of "quality" time surfing tonight. So what did I find for you my darlings?

Mr. T's Rap Song
An ode to his mama that you'll not soon forget. It's the only time I can think of in which someone has successfully rhymed MOAN, GROAN and BORN. Not that I believe anyone else has tried. But hey, kudos to the big guy for originality. (It's really funny at 4am when I've had no sleep. Jury's still out on whether I'll be amused by it in the light of day.) Maybe for his next song he can figure out a way to rhyme ORANGES.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Shuffle music

The rules are to press the shuffle button on your music player and list the first 20 items.
  1. Jan Hammer - Crockett's Theme.
  2. Jethro Tull - Aqualung.
  3. Sidewinder - Ari San Crossroad.
  4. Wagner - Ride of the valkyries.
  5. New order - True faith.
  6. Grieg - In the hall of the mountain king.
  7. Fat boy slim - Right here, right now.
  8. Pink Floyd - Wish you were here.
  9. Allman brothers band - Jessica.
  10. Bucket band - Joe cool.
  11. Dune - I can't stop raving.
  12. Simon and Garfunkle - Bridge over troubled water.
  13. DotSPF - Frontier theme.
  14. Lemon Demon - I've got some falling to do.
  15. Neil Massey - Nothing at all.
  16. Zoe - Sunshine on a rainy day.
  17. The cure - Love song.
  18. Soft cell - Tainted love.
  19. Madonna - Like a prayer.
  20. The Beatles - Only a northern song.


Penguins - the new threat

Remember, a penguin was the baddie in both Wallace & Gromit: The Wrong Trousers and Batman Returns.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Throwing away old magazines

I have a big pile of old computer magazines. Its not a pile of rubbish, but a pension. (Assuming someone wants to buy it badly enough.)

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Moving ads about

Just experimenting with a new ad style. Fewer ads but with a higher prominance. What do you all think?

If you've forgotten what they looked like, the older articles still have the old ad style.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Just a bunch of money...

 ... for old rope - currently up to £19

What other phrases can we hijack to obtain money out of gullible ebayers ?

[they're also selling nothing currently up to £26 no mention of any free chicks though...]

** note that these "silly" auctions are for charity and are not just some guy trying to fleece us all

Animated short of the week. (Play)

If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.
-- Henry David Thoreau
What we play is life.
-- Louis Armstrong

Friday, April 15, 2005

"Mom says we live in a big purple country...

... next to the giant letter E in the word STATES." -- Calvin.

Here's a game you can play. Go to Google maps satellite view and try to find your way home, without switching to the map view. How would you cope if you found yourself in orbit?

Its just for north Americans for now. If Google are reading, please cover the British isles soon! I wanna play!

I didn't know I was pregnant....

  in the news today [and featured on GMTV - of all places] is the story that a young girl helped deliver her baby brother after their mother complained of a stomach ache...

What I always find amazing is that these women always claim to "have been non the wiser" - but in this case, it was the ladies forth child. You would have thought that she would have realised. [ I have had this conversation many times with lady friends, but we always make the assumption that it's a first time mum and they ignore things that you would otherwisely been aware of.]

In this case, the woman seemed a little "out of it" [which I'm putting down to being interogated by GMTV camera crew at 6 in the morning while she has 3 young children and a week (and a bit) old baby... although, who knows]

The best bit of this whole story is that GMTV played the 999 call tapes back which went something like this:

Child: My mom needs an ambulance she has stomach pains
Op: Okay, there's one on the way.
Child: (screaming) a babies coming out - oh mom!

I always think it's Urban Myth, or people in denial. If you've had a baby without knowing you were pregnant [If hearing voices from God are involved, all the better!] then leave comments. A quick search on google showed lots of times where people found out late into the pregnancy that they were pregnant... but going the whole 9 months without knowing is incredibly unlikely... I would think...

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Help I am bleeding

This is a actually healthcare for the terrified 3 - I haven't received any money (or chocolate) so you asked for it.

My last post was probably Saturday afternoon. Well I had a slight bleed about 2am Sunday morning which stopped. It gets drummed into you that you should always contact the hospital ward for any bleeding so I did. "We haven't got a doctor but you could go to A&E" (ER for Americans). Six hour wait to be told it's OK? Don't think so.

Anyway all was well until 6pm Sunday evening. Bigger bleed. Rang hospital. They have a doctor so go in. NOW. Bugger.

I will spare you the cannula saga but it resulted in me not having one and refusing to let one doctor near me. Little shit lead me to believe he wanted a blood sample, turned out he wanted to leave a cannula in my arm. Also turns out he f-ed up the blood sample so I was freaked for no reason. They insisted on keeping me in in case I bled to death.Frankly I would rather have had the antibiotics to take home and taken the chance.

Sunday night, I almost melted. I am convinced they are trying to kill me with the heat.

Monday - more antibiotics (yes the smell was due to an infection, no I still haven't worked out why they don't give you antibiotics to begin with). I did sleep a lot of the time with a brief interlude of telling the ward sister that if they are unable to provide my tablets on time, I will go home against their advice where I will take my medication on time.

I was supposed to have antibiotics (two lots) at 2.30pm. Despite three times of asking this turned up at 10pm. I explained that I know how important it is to take antibiotics especially on time and if they were unable to do so then I would do it myself. I don't want to be there and tablet roulette wasn't helping my recovery. Apology recieved from them and next lot of tablets on time. I think someone got a bollocking. Good.

It drives me crazy that I have to ask for everything. Like pain killers. And antibiotics. And water. I am not that ill.

Discharged on Tuesday AM. Collected from hospital by uncle. Who immediately drove to the main hospital site because "I have an appointment to see a specialist" (I forget which one, heart, kidney, blood) "you normally come with me". Just when I thought I was going to get out of that heat.

Arrived home Tuesday to decide to eat everything I could see. Then decided chips, sausage and fishcakes would be a good idea. Reasonable success.

Wednesday morning. Went to see the surgeon again. No sign of any lymphoma when they did the histronic on the tonsils & adenoids. Says my throat will be sore for another couple of weeks and not to go back to work next week. Great I get to use two weeks of my holiday being ill and still wind up with a third week without pay.

Actually only the left side is a bit tender (were the infection/bleed was) the other bit is ok. It is silly stuff liking yawning hurts a bit.

Now all I have to do is find someone to eat all this bloody ice cream. I actually don't have any food in this house - it is all ice cream.

Verdict so far. Not too bad but make sure the idiots send you home with antibiotics.

The GMTV therapy wagon

  you'd better watch out, you'd better not cry - you'd better not pout - I'm telling you why...

...The GMTV therapy wagon is coming, to town [run away screaming!]. Yes, if you have a mental problem, a phobia, or just want to get 15 minutes of fame - contact GMTV, the morning show with the website that can do everything - including making you a cup of tea and a plate of toast *

I have no idea whose idea the whole thing was, but, all this week they're [Andrea ( weather girl - ex-Coventry University graduate) and a hypnotist**] are going up and down the country curing the crazy British people.

Brilliant! The first day we had someone who had an eating disorder "can't stop eating crisps" - solution - hypnosis "crisps smell and taste like poo" . The woman is cured! [if you're the woman in question - hi there ]

Yesterday and today we had "mad cleaning woman" who won't let people into the house because it makes it dirty [her family have to strip off and run, shower.. etc. as soon as they enter] - as such, friends and family never came around [Fiona back in the studio made the comment in jest that it was just a scheme to stop them coming around : "can't visit, no no, I'm crazy you see and you have to get naked as soon as you go through the door and then shower while I burn your clothes"... I don't think I'd be in a rush to visit.] and after a day of therapy, they were invited in "Wow. This is so much progress"

Now, I'm being sarcastic. We are allowed 2 minute bursts into the "therapy" and this is based on the small slices I've obtained in my "I should have a radio in here, morning television is dire... well... I do like the stuff on channel 4 but I'm not going to invest time watching them now - I'd never leave the house" sort of way. But the whole thing appears to be a freak-show miracle cure roadshow for GMTV... it's like, I could say - I'm mad! I think I'm a big black man. 5 minutes later - wow, it's amazing. I never knew I was white. What was I thinking ?

* unsubstanciated sarcasm
** he might have a psychological qualification - but I forget if they mentioned that. I also forgot, I don't care :-) !

Monday, April 11, 2005

Protecting the politicians from the scum of the universe

Go to Google Maps and ask for a satellite view of Capitol Hill, you'll see the building is shown covered with frosted glass.

Its to stop the terrorists from.... erm.... I'll get back to you.

Animated short of the week. (Forehead shavecut)

Ever wondered what Neil and I talk about? This is close.
No wait, I'm the British!

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Telly I like

They built a catapult by raising a whole crane up onto shipping crates. What's not to like?

Time shift
BBC4's cultural history strain. Nostalgia done right.

Channel 4 News
One of the better news show about. Strange to think that the same people produce ITV's News at 10.

Stargate SG1/Atlantis
Not as good as used to be, but I still like it. Most of the time.

The late edition
Otherwise known as the Marcus-Brigstoke-is-very-clever show. BBC4's weekly news review.

South Park
Not just about four children who swear all the time. Represents all that's wrong about the world.

Jonathan Creek
Not whodunnit, but howtheydunnit.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Heathcare for the Terrified 2

Right it's me again. No they didn't kil me during the operation (apparently the do kill between 1:15000 and 1:25000).


Arrived 7am Monday morning - they knew who I was - unsurprising after the state I was in during the pre op.
Told to wait in the patients breakfast room. Yes I am have not been allowed to eat for seven hours or drink for two and they say to wait where there is FOOD.

I had checked and found out I was first on the list scheduled for 9am. I actually had to tell them this once they had shown me to a bed & said "It's a matter of hanging around". Thanks to one of us knowing what was going on, I actually got my pre med happy pills. Personally, I am not convinced they worked but I was laughing at one point and that sounds very unlike me.

The anaethatists deputy came up to say hello and we confirmed no needles and my friend stays or I leave. I have to say the anaethetists are the nicest people I have come across.

After hanging around for an hour waiting for happy pills to work, I got wheeled down to theatre. Yes you are still awake at that point. It is actually an adjacent room where you get knocked out. Because I was "treat as child" like, my friend came with me (looked daft in a surgical gown) and true to their word I got gas through a clear mask so knew nothing of any needles.

I remember counting four breaths of gas but nothing else until I came round afterwards. I certainly don't remember waking up with a tube down my throat. I got wheeled back to the ward about 10am and dozed the rest of the afternoon.

Periodically they check your blood pressure and stick the peg thing on your figer and check your ear temperature. I also got water as soon as I woke up. Remember I said I didn't want that thing in my hand?? Guess what was there when I woke up? Yep one plastic tubing in left hand vein. Cue minor freak (still stoned remember). At 10.15 I said out, at 2pm I said out by 4.30 pm I was awake enough to say "get it out I am leaving". This did cause movement but it is such a shame they didn't listen from the first two times I asked.

Anyway, I got dressed on my own while nurse 3 was "having to ask a doctor" WRONG I am the patient you WILL do as you are told. "We need to get a doctor to talk to you" AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. See last post from me about this.

Well, I was dressed, booted and coated when they came back. I explained I have issues with needles, as I had mentioned hundreds of times and it was coming out now. I think only the leaving made them do it, although I was a bit groggy and would have stayed if they had taken it out the first time I asked. Now I was conscious and freaked.

The surgeon actually came up "you need to stay in a night". By this time I was in nope mode. Many hospitals do this as day surgery and as it was done at 9am I saw no reason not to leave. The official reason is to monitor bleeding but the risk of bleeding is from 1 to 20 days afterwards so that excuse doesn't hold water. Well, to be honest I can rest much better at home in an environment that I am comfortable in without bleeping, nurses assistants shoving temperature gauges in my ear and a patient opposite asking to die.

I actually got out of there at 6pm. With 20 cocodomol tables (this is supposed to be seven days supply but I was taking two every four hours - how is your maths?). But they did give me two pieces of bread and butter. No I am no kidding - I was actually offered toast first. I also got a leaflet which I will hold onto because it is good for a laugh mentionin that I should resume my normal life and diet ASAP. This is on the same sheet where I am told to stay of work for 14 days.

As far as I can tell, they haven't dislocated my jaw (it comes off its hinges when I yawn so I was a bit concerned) or chipped my teeth.

Arrived home to find two cats that parents had been unable to catch. Message from annoyed cattery person. Report from housemate that when they arrived home it looked like world war 3 had taken place. Washing machine, microwave etc moved. Decided to deal with it Tuesday as in no position to catch them - hardly taking it easy.

Monday night wasn't fun. I was very tired but had huge coughing fit at home and was a bit scared to see a bit of blood.. I was also bloody cold. And before anyone says anything yes I was on my own that night another major nono. With the aid of aforementioned soluble tablets every four hours I slept four hours at a time.


Tuesday was much the same - quick email to work to say I am alive but then back to sleeping and drinking. With burping. Darned fizzy painkillers.

Not impressed by my attempt at fishfingers. Had a bit, binned the rest.


Did get hold of very understaning cattery person - presumably guessed the gist from my grunting apologies. Housemate wouldn't go near cats. Got cat box and put in kitchen. Trapped cat in kitchen, picked it up and put it in box. Shut door. Result: cat 0 human 1. Time approx 1 minute. Realized second cat no inside house. Swore.

Initiated cunning plan. Banged food bowl. Moved caught cat to hall so eliminate mewling consultation between them.

Cat 2 arrived at warp 8 (Teagan for Bills benefit). Shut conservatory doors. Cat went to kitchen. Cat ran to rear reception room window. Grabbed cat, stuffed cat in box, shut door. Result cat 0 human 2 total time approx 3 mins.

Despaired of parents. Took painkillers got driven to cattery.


Went back to taking painkillers, burping and sleeping.


I have to say at this point that I have read some real horror stories on the internet about post operative pain. Now there are one of three possibilities
  1. I have been very lucky (unusual)
  2. People who have written before are complete woosses - wimps for our US friends
  3. They haven't taken their pain relief properly
I won't say that this has been a bundle of laughs so far and I know that I am only on day four but the pain has been unpleasant but no where near as bad as I anticipated. The worst thing is first thing in the morning because I still breathe through my mouth and it makes my throat really dry.

I actually managed a slice and a half of bacon and fried egg centre on Tuesday. The amusement caused by my attempting to make this is a whole new post. Maybe later.


Wednesday I was awake a bit more but I do sound strange - almost with the flat quality that the hearing impaired have. Talking doesn't hurt too much but certainly the back of the tongue doesn't seem as supple as it used to. Cue much cheering amongst those who know me.

Tried reducing down to one cocodomol with reasonable success. Chewing gum has also helped too. Managed a quarter of baked potato and cheese - even the skin!

Decided to ignore advice to go onto scratchy foods in case it made the pain worse and took the scab of my throat and made it bleed. Gently, gently, catchy monkey.

Fizzy painkillers causing serious burping issues unfortunately this usually initiates coughing which does hurt my throat. Still on one painkiller (got solpadeine plus which as near as I can tell is the same as cocodomol).

Now refered to as 'smelly' by housemate. Apparently my breath can stun small animals and large ones in an enclosed space. Keep drinking water, brushing teeth and gargling but not helping. If anyone knows how long this lasts please let me know.

Thought that one side was more painfull than the other and wondered if it was swollen. Someone look and said no. Nice crusty white stuff all over. Great.

Had some chilli con carne. Pasta was a bit of a trial so only had a few bits of that but stuck to meat. Managed to eat chocolate eclaire. Eventually - took about 30 minutes. I can usually demolish a box in that time. Where there is a will there is a way.


Probably my worst night. Didn't sleep until 3 am (I am a night owl though and am reading Slansky's Theory of Poker) woke up at 5am with dry throat. Woke up at 9.15am with very dry throat presumably as a result of mouth breathing still. Friend (?) suggested taping my mouth shut to teach me that I can now breath through my nose. Decided need to find a reason to have his tonsils removed. Through his testicles.

Taking 1 tablet of solphadeine plus in hope to reduce air issues. Normally I stick my fingers down my throat to bring up air but this doesn't seem like a good idea at the mo.

Did I mention the charming black bits my burping often brings up? Presumably burnt flesh from my throat. I must ask how the tonsils were removed. Because they were doing a histology (biopsy) I know they must have cut them but I wonder if those people who reported excruciating pain had them burnt out?

Apparently I get the results on 13th April.

I want crispy fried duck with plum sauce. The sort you get in restaurants not from takeaway it is not the same. And a garlic bread. And a full sundy roast.

If having this done doesn't improve my blow .... erm .. lolly sucking ability I will be most annoyed. It has never bothered me that I stop breathing during the night. I am asleep. At least I am not waking myself up with the snoring.

Tonight I am reducing the heat and see if that helps my throat being dry during the night. I felt really cold Monday-Wednesday.



I wasn't allowed ice cream until I was five - it aggravated my eczema badly - so I never really acquired a taste for it. Guess what my mother bought? Two tubs of haagan daaz, two one litre tubs of ice cream (the triple chocky is quite good), once box of white chocky magnums and one box of milk chocky magnums. I had to get someone to get me ice lollies!

My parents also said that I 'should have had that done (adenoids and tonsils removed) a long time ago'.


Read those two paragraphs again. Go on. Now explain the logic to me. Please.



I will leave you all in peace until tomorrow. Or I can be bothered to correct the spelling mistakes.

If enough of you ask, I promise not to post again. Or you could send me money ..... I am having to use two weeks of my holiday for this little episode .... Worth a try.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

"All wet...

 ...hey you might need a raincoat" burning down the house, © Talking heads

Well, it wouldn't be right if I didn't moan about the weather, again, being British and all [can't have these stereotypes getting lost through global Americanisation now, can we?] After a nice, spring weekend we've dipped back into a really wet few days. Torrential rainstorms (followed by brief bouts of tempting sunshine that exist purely to have you go outside and say "my, it's really nice now" and five minutes later be soaked to the sink. Acts of God? No, I think it's too mischievious for someone supposed to be so pure and loving... ).

"April showers bring May flowers" I've heard them say (does that mean golden showers bring golden flowers?) but they're predicting snow later in the week.

I have to laugh though, I love this crazy weather. This morning, caught in one of the biggest rainstorms since the last time I was caught in a big rainstorm [no thunder, worst luck, 'though it looked promising] I was listening to Talking Heads and had to laugh as "Take me to the river", "Once in a lifetime" and "Burning down the house all played" - it's as if it knew (Take me to the river "dip me in the water, washing me down, washing me down.", Once in a lifetime "Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down. Letting the days go by, water flowing underground...", Burning down the house "Hold tight - we're in for nasty weather...")

You know what though, Global warming be damned, it's all the same as it ever was, same as it ever was. Same as it ever was.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

"Meet the new boss...

 ... same as the old boss" (won't get fooled again © the Who)

Well, Easter passes - and for a holiday based on a bloke dying and coming back... it's interesting how modern life immitates um... history. Pope dies. Shame, he seemed like a nice bloke. Does this now mean we're going to suffer "parish wars" as the various diocese struggle to gain control of the Catholic church? I hope not! I want to live in a world where I don't fear drive-by christenings. Where the streets aren't littered with ministers ready to bless for the right price...

...of course, we're also running up to a general election - or so we're led to believe... The Conservatives have a number of posters up "Labour want to put limits on immigration : are you thinking what I'm thinking?"... I wonder how many people think "what a good idea!" ... [I'm not one of those people, I'm thinking "these tights don't 'alf chafe, Brain" ... no, no, silly... tonight, like every other night, we'll try to take over the world Mwah hah hah!]

The word 'COD' is not hidden in this message.


Sunday, April 03, 2005

Animated short of the week. (War)

Random French song making war animations. The lyrics are entirely inappropriate, like having 'You are my sunshine' to a film about clocks, but that shouldn't matter if you don't understand the language.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

A look in the logs (March 2005)

Yet again, a peek into the server log file. Enjoy.

Just the "unusual" search engine queries this month.
  • baby vomit wmv
  • how to get magical trevor mp3 for mobile
  • keelie
  • small minority wanted to ruin it for the rest of us
  • bbc childrens tv 1980s greenfingers
  • shiney on the inside
  • incredibly stupid llama
  • dream technology bill godfrey
  • candle phobia
  • I can't believe it's not yatta
  • Drewmo phone number
  • eeyore complex
  • condom sizing
  • Robert McCartney jpeg ira
  • official banana protector
  • dancing people flash animation
  • I've been stupid
MSN search
  • cancel hotmail plus
  • getting out of bed pics
  • google self esteem
  • how to role a bandage
  • i can love you the best pick me up at 3.00
  • pictures of my nan
  • chocolate concrete recipe
  • funny phrases on drugs
  • peeing cam
  • people that want sex in swindon
  • pop songs on toast
  • topsy turvey
  • two toe use holiday
  • ave maria mp3
  • breaking animated pics
  • fat sad people
  • funny baby songs
  • good and funny catch phrases
  • hunt sex photo
  • i could be so good for you theme tune
  • mikey smell
  • peeing teen
  • picture of a cartoon cactus
  • pictures of the inside of supermarkets
  • pictures of vegetable pies
  • resturant adverts
  • strange people dreams
  • tactile sculpture
  • the style of ninjitsu
  • theme tune of the bill
  • topped by gay police
  • why did humans start to talking
  • part man part troll
  • redundancy at tv travel shop
  • should we panic over bird flu
  • wally world
  • zombie car advert
  • won't you come home bill bailey
  • phallic symbol cake
  • interesting things about bath uk
  • subliminal messages in songs bob ricci
  • children's tv is dog brain plant
  • bizare fetish sexual pornographic pictures
  • pumamanor

Alas, I had to classify all the "free asian sex web cam" stuff as "usual". Eeeek.

Here's the past month's top 10 asked for files. (Feburary's spot in brackets.)
And finally, here's the the browsers you are all using. (Robots excluded.)
  • 79% use Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • 18% use Mozilla Firefox.
  • 2% Use Safari.
  • 1% use Opera.
Wasn't that fun?

Friday, April 01, 2005

He'll get by without his rabbit pie

I've recently stumbled on the fuss about the website "Save Toby", where someone is promising to (humanely) kill, cook and eat his pet rabbit unless he's paid $50,000.

I have to admit I had a gut "urgh" reaction and I'm a meat eater. Its okay to eat a cow, but not anything cute, like bunnies, cats or dogs. Ants, I cheerfully kill for the sport with no intention of eating them.

This is rank hypocracy on my part, or at the very least cute-ism. Perhaps this is the answer.

If you will excuse me, I'm going to eat a cow burger.