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Monday, February 28, 2005

Animated short of the week (Hey hey 16k)

Here's one for the children of the 1980s.

(Hmmm, that kid needs a better dentist.)

Friday, February 25, 2005

Could this be the best blog ever?

The view from Paxton's Tower

In an earlier piece here, I posted some pictures of a holiday to Pembrokeshire. Revisiting the page, it seems the last photo had lost out quite a lot from being shrunk.

So, here's the original picture, in its full 3.9 million pixel glory.

This shows you how to get an even better image of the view, but it may require some travel.

I'm not sure which direction I'm facing for that shot. Any locals know?

"Oh boy, I dreamt about you last night... came to me dressed all in white head to toe. I know we both deserve a holiday. Some place where we can meditate. We're still shiney on the inside." Shiney on the inside, © 1999 Mikey Georgeson

What a strange dream I had last night. Now. I do have strange dreams from time to time. Odds are, I have them more often than I remember - the way the human mind works and all that malarky. But this was one of my "could easily have happened" dreams. The sort that make you think days after "yeah... I did that... and then the bus conductor turned into a penguin... no... wait... it was just a dream..."

Anyway, onto the dream. I used to have a quite good female friend who I will refer to as P____ . Now, I used to spend a lot of time with her, being my usual "funny ha-ha" self, her being her ususal "funny ha-ha" self too. Then we both went our separate ways [ I think the last time I saw her was about 3 years ago at what was at the time the local Safeway ]. Anyway, I suspect you think you know where this dream is going? You may be right - but watch for the twist at the end. Anyway, onto the dream... again... now we've carried out our pre-requisites! The dream starts with me walking around Coventry city centre - if you've been there, you know what I mean - but it's not that important - just insert any collection of stores and mini-malls and you'll be there. Anyway, I walking around the way I do when I pass .. I think it's the fountain near the libarary when I see P_____ . We rush towards each other and have a long, lingering embrace. We talk for a while - partly like we've never had that period of time without each other.

Then it goes strange. For some reason I'm at my Uncle M____'s house - I've not seen him for quite a while [and I think he's fallen out with my mom over something or other] and I'm talking to P_____ on a mobile phone... to make a long story short - we've declared our love for each other, but right now she's having a go at me because she's been talking on the phone for about 40 minutes - which is quite expensive when you're calling a mobile and I tell her I'm sorry and I'll call her back. But try as I might, I cannot find her number. Then I woke up.

[there was also a bit somewhere at my Uncle's house where there was lots of people and I have the phone, but for some reason I find I'm talking to someone who's serving food/drinks and I thought it was P_____ who was calling me...]

All very strange. Not sure what it means - I've not thought about P____ or my uncle for quite a while, and, although she was a good friend - we were never "that" close. Maybe I slipped into a bizare alternative reality there for a few minutes or something...

maybe I lied about the twist.

[additional note: 27/2/05 : I woke up this morning dreaming that M___ and B___ were taking me somewhere in their car (in fact, the last things I heard before waking up was M___ saying "you can put your bag in the back if you want or just have it with you" ) then seconds later I was woken up by the phone ringing and B___ saying "do you want to have a lift to this place in the car.... spooky... I have had "peeing" dreams before where I really needed to go and in my dream I found a urinal... but that was a long, long time ago - but same galaxy... Have yet to bump into P_______ in town and embark on a relationship of mystery and passion.... sometimes a cucumber is just a phallic symbol.]

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Banana protector?

  I think they might be talking about condoms... but being an Englishman who gets embarrassed easily, I'd rather not click the link and find out...

Also, I think it's nice to know that you can buy adverts from a well-known online auction house. [which is why it's included in the image - along with the banana guard adverts...]

I guess, if it's not a sexual thing. A banana guard could be someone you hire to watch over your plantation... What worries me is the whole "as seen on TV"... yoikes!

[oh, I found this advert while browsing through the old blog entries - I think it was on the "what the bleep is a thought leader?"... hmm... intrestingly enough another blog entry (by me) provoked by a googly ad. I really should think of more interesting things to say.]

Trojan Horse Southern Style?

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Talking about the weather

Isn't there some law about snowing in England when its only a week from March?

Brrrrr... Anyone got a scarf please?

Monday, February 21, 2005

Woolworths can't add up...

  and I think WHSmiths have similar problems...

There are lots of adverts lately for music cd's at places like Woolworths [and Smiths] and they always say "£6.99 when bought as part of our 'buy one, get one half price' deal"...

Except, this does not add up. If you buy two records [oops... I mean Cd's - my age is showing ] then only one of them will be available at the price advertised... meaning that they are using false advertising to get people to spend the money - usually with these things, it is the cheaper one that gets reduced. But. Taking their adverts exactly as they say, you should be able to pick up two advertised albums and get them both at 1/2 price.

Legally, I know I don't have a leg to stand on and they'd say I was deliberately misinterpreting the adverts for my own gain - and they'd be right - but still...

Green fingers [or is it "green thumbs" ? ]

  I've always liked making things grow...

I'm a little excited right now because I had some garlic which had decided it was a good time to start sprouting shoots so I stuck it in a little pot [Saturday] and gave it a little bit of water ... by this morning it has a shot up and now has a little stalk about an inch and a bit high.

[Other plants I'm growing :
  1. a cactus... not really much to say here - I like cacti and it's basically just keeping it alive - maybe it'll have a growth spurt in the near future ?
  2. Chilli plant : A friend had a dog that kept getting into their plant so they sprinkled some chilli flakes to put it off... it worked, although a little while later they had a number of chilli seedlings coming up! Most got frost damaged but I took one in and it's growing big and strong... Woohoo!
  3. A mix of "folliage plants" that looks quite nice (a fern, somesort of ivy and a pink leaved thing that I forget the name of)
I should really try growing pees, onions and radishes again... maybe some herbs... ]

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Animated short of the week. (Yatta!)

Once upon a time, a man called Bill Godfrey kept a diary web site with some of his friends and every Sunday, he would pick a short animated piece.
And everybody say... Yatta!

As a bonus, here's a video of an amusing concert performance of 'Yatta'. Do you want to see six skinny guys dancing around in their underwear? Of course you do!
Yatta by Green Leaves (ASF 8MB)

And finally, an eagle eyed anonymous reader spotted a sequel to an earlier anim-of-the-week.
Magical Trevor 2 by J. "Weebl" Picking

Three things in one Sunday, don't say I don't treat you well. If you'll excuse me now, I'm going to eat some toast spead with some I can't believe it's not Yatta.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Holidays in Pembrokeshire

Way back in 2003, we went on holiday in Pembrokeshire, the south west tip of Wales.

Red Gables, the house we stayed in.

The view from the balcony.

The back garden. Good for relaxing on a towel on a sunny day, when you don't feel like driving anywhere.

Hedge sculpture in the back garden.

Sculpture at the Garden on Wales.

Paxton's Tower is the distance, as seen from the Garden of Wales.

Paxton's Tower close up.

A view from the top of Paxton's Tower.

UPDATE - Many thanks to Chris for filling in the details.

Education in the future

Just read this article about how children are being bought up. I have this image that we're heading to a world where children are put into a matrix-esque pod, and told they are special, unique and that children always come first. They are never asked questions because any wrong answers would hurt thier self esteem. All assignments are given A for effort because a B grade would make them cry.

After 18 years, the pod is unceremonially unzipped and the adult falls out into the big wide world, totally unprepared, no longer special nor unique.

Well, that was depressing. Hang around until tomorrow. I've got a link to a very funny animation planned.

Friday, February 18, 2005

What topped the charts for you pop-pickers?

  "happened" upon this site that let's you know what was topping the charts when you were born...

Mine are "Rubber Bullets" by 10CC [UK chart] and "My Love" by Paul McCartney and Wings [US chart]. I wonder if there's any correllation between that and the music I like now...

Oh, the link: [and choose "birthday number 1" from the menu under the title...]

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Testing the email posting facility.

I thought I'd try testing out the mail-to-blogger posting interface. It
may be useful if I'm on holiday and I can only get to use insecure
'cybercafe' computers and a throw-away hotmail account.

If you can read this, it means it worked. I clicked [Send] at 12:15 PM on
Thursday. (Okay, as I type this, I'm about to click [Send], but by the
time you read it, I'll have already done it.)

Sorry if you were expecting something deep and meaningful.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Well duh?

Amusing spam mail...
DO YOU OWN A Computer?
Um, no I don't. I read email... by magic.

"Pull the covers over your head and don't get up in the morning...

  ... make sure you draw the curtains tight, and then you won't see the day dawning.""Goodnight" © Mikey Georgeson

I've started noticing that we're tip-toeing out of winter and edging into springtime. Oh, it should be a happy time. But like always, the English weather has taken a turn of the topsy-turvey and we've had the first frost in over a month this morning, snow/hail over the weekend, and bitterly cold winds.

It makes you not want to crawl out of bed in the morning, which is still pretty dark at 6am, and quite chilly. Roll on June I say. Lots of sunshine and pleasant weather makes me a very happy chappy indeed.

[ you can tell when nothing interesting particularly is happening to me... I start talking about the weather... ]

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Animated short of the week. (Bananaphone)

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring... Bananaphone!
(By Patrick Kelleher)

Saturday, February 12, 2005

No weddings...

  ...but a funeral.

Said a final "goodbye" to my Nan yesterday. It was all a bit sad, as you would probably expect. A nice service, but only a few mourners [she outlived most of her friends and close family] They played a couple of songs ( that she used to hum to herself) during the service ( "Walking in the air" and "Ave Maria" ) which brought back happy memories.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Swindon mania

Last year, I went on a training course at the WindRiver offices in Swindon. Took lots of photos. Frankly, I'd scroll down to the next article if I were you.

Here's the rear ends of Jonas and Gustavo, after we parked the car and went for some food. Gus didn't bring a jacket, so he borrowed my emergency jacket.

As you can see, I'm a rather big guy. Gus's hands are in there somewhere.

This is Jonas, as seen from the front.

Jonas and I, outside a resturant. It turned out to be a Thai restuarant. Does it look a Thai resturant to you?
(Photograph © Gustavo Perez, 2004.)

On the third day of my visit, we visited Bath.

Me, enjoying a drink of cola and lemon in a Bath pub. I needed a shave.

Gus and Jonas, enjoying a drink. They both shaved.

Did I take the previous two photos and paste them together? Or did we ask a waitress to take a photo of us. You decide.

WindRiver offices from afar.
(Photograph © Gustavo Perez, 2004.)

Students and instructor.
(Photograph © Gustavo Perez, 2004.)

Fear and loathing...

 ...or the daily work routine, by any other name, would still be ... work related.

Welcome to my stress-filled work environment. I work at a University and recently our VC [vice chancellor, not to be confused with "Victor Charlie" (Viet Cong)...] left and we've had a replacement who is causing turmoil around the University. Basically, everything changes - and right now everyone's worrying about redundancies [there's an estimate of about 10 people from my department] it is worrying. See. I'm wearing my "worry-hat". I'm particularly worried because, while I'm probably not going to seek voluntary redundancy - it may find me. My role is not particularly defined. I have largely worked on "Innovational" projects that may or may not end up being implemented. A lot of time is spent on researching things and demonstrating how they might be used. The rest is spent covering other people and providing back-up.

As you might expect, I'm more than a little worried right now.

Also, my degree is going nowhere. [I'm in the final year of my Masters degree] I'm still waiting for my project to be approved - I need to chase people up about that... again... (I've been waiting since November! Although, they did lose my original submission.... grumble grumble grumble. )

And I'm covering people today doing something that having spoke to them, they have no idea why it's going wrong, and it needs to be ready by tomorrow morning. I am not in tomorrow at all [and it isn't something I can cancel] so I have 3 hours and 15 minutes to get everything working.

Excuse me while I scream!

On the plus side, the other thing I was worried would have to be finished for today, I have another week to work on...

[16:35] additional note: the thing I was covering and working on seems to be working... Phew! Also, redundancy panic - have been given a letter outlining the voluntary redundacy package which may not be available if they have to do compulsory redundancies...

[15:13, 14/02/05] additional note. For some reason while making a couple of edits I decided to try the built-in spell-checker. This decided that when I typed "redundancy" I probably intended to write "rodents"... Completely bonkers.

[13:12 16/02/05] Additional, additional note: having had the meeting this morning, it has been revealled that the redundancies aren't as bad as first thought. There are about 90 people within the department, and a 10% loss needs to take place. However, we already have lost 4-5 posts so this leaves us with about 5 or 6 redundancies to take place. As this is throughout the entire department [not just my section] it makes us potentially a little more secure. But don't quote me on that...

They went metric without telling us!

As seen by Hadrian's Wall.

What the bleep is a thought leader?

 Google advertisement in query provoking blog entry shock!

As I type, the bottom advert [on the Animation of the week " Kenya " page] is for Bob Herbold who happens to be one of 150 thought leaders under exclusive representation. Now... I could click the link and find out what a thought leader is... but that's far too easy for me.

I suspect we're heading towards George Orwell's "1984" world and a "thought leader" is a forerunner of the "thought police". Before you know it, Bob's tactile strike team will be breaking your door down because you were recalling that "secret ingredient" in your mom's cookies.

Just watch, first we'll have cameras everywhere. A feeling of unease and stress from war-like propaganda [and proper gooser] will lead to the enforcement of curfews, introductions of mandatory identification cards. Biometrics letting you in and out of countries - technology tracking your every movement, every purchase, every transaction.

To combat Bob's thought police, I'm going to be constantly thinking about the theme tune to "the Banana Splits"

Nah nah nah, na-na-nah nah, nah nah nah, na-na-nah nah.

[that should really mess them up]

I did like that the top advert was for Dr Neil ... although, Dr Neil doesn't sound as menacing as Dr Evil.. maybe I should work on my evil laugh... Mwah ha ha ha ho!

Paranoid? Moi? Let's chalk this up as conspiracy theory #479
[one banana, two banana, three banana four... four bananas make a bunch and so do many more]

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I can't possibly think what they are talking about.

How to start your very own blog in fifty-one steps.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

4300 Rd, Coffeyville, Kansas, USA

The centre of north America, according to Google Maps, just outside the Coffeyville country club.

Perfect, if you ever get a feeling that you are not in Kansas any more.

Monday, February 07, 2005


  Oh no! They're coming to get me...

Just a note - after the multiplayer shenanigans of the "Electra assassin" movie's game, I thought I'd pass on the Resident Evil 2: Apocalypse ... which is a retro "robotron" style affair - quite a lot of fun... if you like that sort of thing.

Animated short of the week. (Kenya)

Where can you get cookies? Only at Kendra's.
Come to Kendra's, she got cookies.
Where can you get choc chips? Only at Kendra's.
Cookies with choc chips, only at Kendra's.
(Forget Neil's.)
Kendra, oh Kendra.
Where the Keelies are,
And the Micheals.
Kendra, Kendra, Kendra.
Kendra! Going to Kendra's.
Kendra believe it!

Sunday, February 06, 2005

An Interesting Way To Cut Carbs

During another bout of Insomnia I was looking for something to do online (rather than watch infomercials on TV). So, I thought I'd look up some recipes. One in particular, for a low-carb quiche, made me laugh. The recipe calls for
10.00    Eggs, slightly eaten

Yep, EATEN. If you'd like to see the entire recipe, check out:

Saturday, February 05, 2005

I am giant Bill, and I shall crush this village!

A photo from my trip to the Hadrian's Wall area last year, at the Chesters roman fort and bath house.

I left the camera on a wall with a timer running. In the 10 seconds the timer ran, I had to climb up the wall and position myself. Then I realised the camera was pointing at my legs.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

A Request

As I wrote earlier in the blog, I started a new job on January 4th. And in the past month I've come to realize that I am surrounded by interesting and friendly people at work. However, one lady in particular stands out. She is a kind soul, and the sort of good person that leads by example. The husband of this good lady (himself a fine man by all accounts) died suddenly today. And while I, like so many others I know, have said prayers for the family in this heart-breaking time, I thought I might make a request of anyone reading this entry.

No, I don't intend to ask you to pray. If that is in your heart, you will without any prompting from a stranger. However, I thought that this would be the best time to express to those I love, or like very well, etc... how much they mean to me. I would ask that if you will, please tell your nearest and dearest that you love them. Maybe you could call an old friend or smile at a stranger tomorrow. And when you do, think kind thoughts also of this fine man and his grieving family. Your kindnesses to one another in honor of these good people will be greatly appreciated by me and surely by the loved ones and strangers you communicate with.

I can think of no finer tribute.

Thank you.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Pervasive Odor of Toast

  In a similar fashion to that used by supermarkets to summon people deep into the bowels of their stores, my train this morning pumped out the smell of freshly lightly burnt toast...

[ Well, burnt in the way that toast is. ] To be honest, it was quite a welcome odor, definately beating previous smells of "baby vomit" (although it could have easilly been sour milk that was not getting any fresher), someone's flatulent murmerings and, my least favourite experienced when I had to stand for the journey the other day, "someone's connected the sewer to the air conditioning" ]

Toast is like Chinese food. You smell it, you want it. Although I'm a bit of a toast freak - have been all my life. What is it about lightly burnt bread that tastes so good? Does it mysteriously trigger pleasure sensors in the brain ? I don't know - I'm an analyst programmer not a neurosurgeon damn it! I don't know art but I know what I like.

Still, onto the more interesting topic of "toppings"... Do you have it plain, spread spreads, apply liberal amounts of preserves ... or something else? [I commonly have it either plain or with a little sunflower spread... But, if I have to eat on the run I'll apply a liberal amount of apricot jam (or Jelly) and fold.]

... now I'm hungry.

Insomnia, Again

May I say, I'd rather be sleeping than blogging? Actually, I just did. Never mind.

Anyway, I'm at that point in the night where you calculate how much sleep time you'd have left IF you fell asleep at this exact moment. Then you don't fall asleep and feel compelled 10 minutes later to calculate all over again. I've lost track of how many times I've calculated remaining sleep time. Maybe I should have been counting the calculations too.

That smoke you smell is my brain over-heating.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

A look in the logs (January 2005)

Interesting things observed in the server access log file...

People have found us whilst searching for...
  • vicar Dibley Pics 2005 christmas
  • a picture of a alien
  • teletubbies are evil
  • died like me
  • uk web cam sex
  • adult web cam work
  • explain web cam
  • good house keeping in the 1960's
  • looking for some catch phrases
  • pics of joints
  • rate my adult picture
  • read my lips
  • sex diary
  • web cam sex
  • adult web cam
  • catch phrases
  • movie catch phrases
  • incredibly stupid picture
  • thia
  • magical trevor
  • chocolate concrete
  • llama cartoon
  • webcam diaries
  • he Llama Song by Burton Ernie
  • animated llamas
  • thia translation
I also noticed that "BlogShares" is keeping an eye on this diary, in that its robot loads in the front page every few days. It says here I can "claim" my dairy as my own by showing this..
.Listed on BlogShares
It seems this diary is worth $2,100. Woo hoo! Except that's fake dollars. Dag nabbit.

That reminds me, I'm also listed in "Is my blog HOT or NOT", except that was my old diary. I just need to show this link...
Is my Blog HOT or NOT?
Wasn't that nice.