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Friday, December 09, 2005

One year retrospective

I used to do a "Look in the logs" every month, but I got bored with it as it takes a while to construct and the things people look for just got odder and odder. But since I've (mostly) kept this up for a year, here is a little retrospective in the same spirit.

The good stuff

Some of our more notable articles...

Lip Reading Isn't My Forte by Thia.
When we remembered Psion by Bill.
Oh boy, I dreamt about you last night... by Neil.
Trojan Horse Southern Style? by Thia.
Health care for the terrified (2 and 3) by Thyiad.
Vote for me! by Bill.
I've been adopted by Bill.
I didn't know I was pregnant.... by Neil.
Proposal to increase efficiency in the names of the states of the USA by Bill.
What is S4 perm and why you would want to cover your girl in it? by Neil.
Stop.... motion... animation... by Neil.
Welcome to Zibloxlia by Bill.
Ooh, ooh, ooh, I'm angry by Bill.
We are like... by Bill.
American TV Is Interesting Again by Thia.
Truancy for beginners by Bill.
Linking ethics by Bill.
Cutting out the middle man by Bill.
Be a Mythbuster! by Bill.
I, Penguin by Bill.
Five minute think by Bill.

Server traffic

And now, the traffic load on this web server. Click on the image for a full sized chart.
That large peak on the 2nd of November is for my "Bomb Google" article, which I didn't think was that good.


Thanks to everyone who left a comment, linked to me, or even just read my stupid ramblings occasionly. Thanks for the friends I've made, the insights and the recipes. Here's to another incredibly stupid year.


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