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Friday, November 04, 2005

There she is!!! (Redux)

Ever wondered what the epilogue to "There she is!!! Step 2 - Cake Dance" says? The one where the cat returns and replaces a word.

Or do you just want an excuse to watch it again? If so, here you are.

The talented people at who created the There She Is!!! series have given their site an overhaul to be slightly more friendly to English speakers. This includes an English version of the two There She Is!!! productions. The songs are (thankfully) the same but small things like signs have been translated, including this mysterious epilogue.

Its worth it. To watch, go to their home page then click on English, then Amalloc and finally View. Enjoy.

I'd love to link to the animations directly instead of these four step instructions, but those pages include the message
"Please do not link this page or movie file."
How could I refuse such a polite request?

I have no idea why they don't want me to do that. If I had done that list of "click here, click there, etc" on a regular ASotW feature for an unknown animation, a significant number of people would either not bother or lose track on the way.

Take a note from VeLoSo, creator of Irrational Exuberance (Yatta). The link leads directly to a page with the animation on. You don't have to find your way around the site or click on any stupid "Click here to watch this movie" buttons. Once you have finished watching (or while its loading) there are lots of other things to read on the same page. He could even have put some ads and some web-forum gizmo on the same page.


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