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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Putting the clocks back

Six months ago, I adjusted the time on my wall clock as the clocks went an hour forward. I decided I could do with an extra clock showing the time in the US east coast. (Or if you prefer, the time in China.)

Here's the two clocks taken today on the hour.

The clock on the left showing UK time is about three years old and in reasonable nick. The clock on the right showing eastern USA time has a wonky hour hand and the card backing has warped.

Six months ago, both were set to the exact time down to the second hand. Now...
New clock+ 140 seconds
Gained 1 second every 1.3 days.
Old clock- 48 seconds
Lost 1 second every 3.8 days.

So the old clock keeps better time. How odd. Maybe its magic.


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