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Monday, October 31, 2005

Bomb Google

Search Google for failure and the first result is George W. Bush's biography, followed by Michael Moore's web site. This is known as a Google Bomb. (Read Google's statement.)

It all started with a campaign of people leaving links in their websites, linking to GWB's biography with the words "miserable failure". His supporters were not going to put up with that, so another campaign started linking Michael Moore with the same words.

In response, Michael Moore (or a techie working for him) has come up with something rather clever.

If you go his website by typing in the address directly, you see the normal home page. But, if you go to the website from a page with the word "failure" in the address, such as Google's results page, a program on his web server will direct the reader to a different page instead.

All I have to say is best blog ever!


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