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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

ASotW Rules

  1. Featured animations should;
    1. Be well made. (Doesn't go out of sync badly, etc.)
    2. Not glorify "bad people". (Hitler, Terrorists, Serial killers, etc.)
    3. Have a reasonable pre-loader. (Applicable to flash based animations only.)

  2. Avoid;
    1. Sites with popup ads.
    2. Sites with malware/spyware/adware/etc Active-X drive-by installers.
    3. "Click here to watch the movie" buttons that lead to popup windows.
    4. Pretentious webhosts.
    5. Websites designed to appeal to three year olds or idiots.
    6. Newgrounds. (But I repeat myself.)

  3. Link to the animator's own website if possible.

  4. The creator of an ASotW feature should not be featured again for six weeks, not including later sequels or as part of a collection. (Otherwise I could do nothing but alternate between "Weebl and Bob" and "Neurotically Yours" every week.)

  5. The link should contain the name of the animator, or their alias.
Yes, I have writers block. There is no rule 6.


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