Bill P. Godfrey et al

Thursday, September 29, 2005

We are like...

  • Bill is like a revenger's-tragedy hall of mirrors
  • bill is like Bush's tax bills
  • bill is like endorsing Jim Crow
  • bill is like a badly needed spring rain
  • Bill is like "sleepwalking into a surveillance society"
  • Bill is like a son to me
  • bill is like prescribing a sedative to the public
  • bill, is like the paper bill you receive each month delivered in an electronic format for viewing via the Internet
  • bill is like Little Blue
  • bill is like souffle
  • Kendra is like an undiscovered Cameron Diaz
  • Kendra is like an orchestra conductor
  • kendra is like every other girl
  • kendra is like DAAAAAAAD
  • Kendra is like his soul-mate
  • Kendra is. Like a woman wired on 50 cups of espresso
  • Kendra is like "hey look at all that
  • kendra is like every other seven kendra is the culmination of sanskriti's involvement in activities relating to art kendra is an honor
  • Kendra is like that angel on my left shoulder telling me that I 'better Not' or 'you'll Get in trouble.'
  • Kendra is like "What is he doing?!?"
  • Neil is like a fine wine
  • neil is like a cold glass of lemonade for those of us who prefer to spend the summer in the sticky neil is thoughtful and kind
  • Neil is like sitting on your grandpa's lap for storytime
  • Neil is like, "That's a chick ride, TC,"
  • Neil is like a drug
  • Neil is like totally crazy about the shirts
  • Neil, is like a piece of parchment
  • Neil is like a cold glass of lemonade for those of us who prefer to spend the summer in the sticky, smelly city than at the seashore
  • Neil is like a zeppelin that has lost its rudder
  • Bub is like mine and attaches himself to my leg as soon as it looks like lunchtime or just add them to the plate as a side dish
  • bub is like this too
  • bub is like mine
  • Bub is like Chibi Trunks
  • bub is like My two
  • bub is like that
  • bub is like 18 I'll let her out and see you lot in action
  • bub is like me
  • bub is like yours and spent most of his time in a singlet
  • bub is like yours
  • Thia is like (iii)
  • Thia is like seeing the Martin Scorcese clssic Mean Streets film for the first will never listen or hear anything like ever again
  • thia is like ok
  • Thia is like catchphrase
  • thia is like a smtp smart-host and actually accepts the amil and then forwards it to the internal server
  • thia is like figuring out 2^100 and counting digits rather than using logs and other mathematics
  • thia is like ha is like wow
  • Thia is like a dream


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