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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Was it the El Camino of death?

Yesterday I went to lunch with my friend Rick. On our way back to work we were within about 100 yards of the left turn we needed to make to get back to work when we both exclaimed. I won't tell you what we each exclaimed but I'm sure those of you with an imagination can guess. Coming toward us was a light blue vehicle with the back end covered in flowers. It was bigger than a car, smaller than a truck and quite long. We were both stunned and trying to figure out just what it was. Then it dawned on us both that it was a hearse. More exclamations ensued.

It was followed by a line of about 15 cars with their headlights on. And that is a sure sign (at least here in the American Southeast) of a funeral procession. It was the size of a regular hearse, but the back end that contained the coffin was open. I couldn't tell if it was convertible or was meant to be open all the time, like a truck or possibly an El Camino with a gland condition. It was an interesting choice of final transportation and oddly festive. I say that having never actually seen a funeral that wasn't swathed in black and blurred by tears. I'd like to think the passenger was someone whose life was being celebrated. I'd like to believe that they lived a colorful life and their transportation was chosen to represent that.

Whoever their passenger was, their final ride was in an eye-catching chariot covered in flowers. Whether they received much attention in life or not, yesterday, all eyes were on their procession. R.I.P.


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