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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Cash in the Attic? I think not.

No, I've not abandoned my old favorite Cash in the Attic (on BBC America here in the U.S.). Nor have I grown to dislike Alistair, Jonty or Paul. I have however, just seen the premiere of the American version of the show. Will I watch it again? Maybe if it's still on the air after a few episodes. Hopefully they'll have fixed it by then.

Yes, I do think it's broken.

1. The host was aggravating. By the half-way mark, his repetitive comments about things that go in the van don't come out, made me wish they'd put him in the van.(Less caffeine for this guy please.)
2. The antiques and collectibles went by in a blur with little or no explanation as to why they might be valuable. (Silly me, I thought I might *gasp* learn something of use to me.)
3. The family, host and expert were shown over and over again exclaiming (in an exaggerated way) how great something did or how it or the auction made them feel. It was as if they got a bonus if they talked viewers into going to an auction. (Maybe the producer or director got their start in infomercials? You Too Can Get Rich Quick At The Auction! Our exclusive video is available for a limited time only for only $19.99!) The comments appear to have been shot after the auction. Which was unnecessary since you watched them as a group, watching the bidding and saw their genuine reactions.

I don't care about the childhood sweetheart whose name was engraved on a heart-shaped hunk of wood. And no it wasn't cute that you surprised the owner by auctioning it off. I didn't tune in to learn all about this week's family (even though they seemed like nice likeable people). This isn't a rant against the nice family, or their cute kids. I just wish the director or producers would stay on topic and stop making the family act like they're selling cleaning products or miraculous cooking utensils.

Note to producers: If a show is good or interesting enough to merit another version of it, odds are, it's fine as it is and shouldn't be altered (other than location or maybe type of collectibles). You can't be everything to everyone. Pick a type of program you want to produce and stick with it. I don't want to see Cash in the Attic meets Clean Sweep meets Dr. Phil meets Design on a Dime meets The Price Is Right. What's next, a group of men will rush into their home and give the husband a makeover while the wife, expert and host search the basement for grandma's quilt? Will we get to vote a member of the family out of the house?

Wait, don't write that down. It wasn't a suggestion.

***end of rant***


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