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Thursday, August 11, 2005

McTrademarking again [2nd attempt - grr lost original as blogger did an update last night and shut me out while publishing grrr !!]

Well... Here I am again, wondering about those trademarked catchphrases that the owner of the goldern arches has decided to pick out for their own...

I had noticed a while back that the McCups had lots of instances of the phrase "I'm lovin' it!" splattered all over them. Lots. Look - you can see at least 3 on this side of the cup. But what I did find puzzling was the trademark issue. Look very, very closely. There's one "I'm lovin' it" in the shape of a semi-circle. A slight smile-shape. And look. There's a TM after the phrase ? What do you mean you can't quite see it? Here, look on this image then... why are they only lovin' it in a smile-like shape? Why not lovin' the horrizontal? The vertical? The zig-zag? Did someone get there before them and say "I'm going to trademark the phrase `I'm lovin' it` when it's written in those other manners" ?

Am I the only person who worries about these things?

I think my original [missing] rant was better...


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