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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Hi, I'm Thia And I'm A Classic Movie Addict

I don't normally mention this to folks I'm around each day. They wouldn't understand. But since I don't know most of you, I don't really care if you think it's odd. *grin* I'm wallowing in classic movies. Turner Classic Movies is my fix of choice.

I have watched almost every Ginger Rogers movie. Yes, she made movies without Fred Astaire. William Powell flicks are my latest passion. I adore him. Not on a par with Charles Boyer, but he's pretty darn festive in his own right. Ray Milland movies are starting to appeal to me too. I've discovered Rosalind Russell movies I didn't know existed. And, I've discovered that I like Norma Shearer movies. The most interesting discovery I've made is, not only are there very few new ideas in Hollywood, the ideas they've borrowed from old movies have been butchered. In between the rare modern films worth the time it takes to watch them, I'll stick with Turner Classic movies. Even the bad old stuff is often better than the new blockbusters. At least they're quaint and pleasantly silly.

Yes, I do watch other stuff. Rarely is it the popular, highly rated stuff most people watch. I would watch Alistair Appleton read the phone book. I find him soothing and pleasant, with a dash of snarky. And I love that weird guy who takes people to antiques fairs then they sell their buys at auction. I don't know his name, but apparently they froze him in the '70s and only defrost him to host this show. I'll watch CSI and most of the half million reruns of Law and Order on air each week and lots of other stuff. If you find something interesting and preferable off-kilter on the air, share it with me. I'm always open to stuff that isn't American Idol, Survivor, etc...


  • I agree with you completely - although, while I've not as extensively followed the classic movies, I agree totally that they're on the whole much better than a lot of the rubbish being put out today.

    By Blogger M., At 12:00 PM, August 30, 2005  

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