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Friday, July 01, 2005

RE: Train me

Well... clever wordplay was never my thing.

Work is changing [the fuchsia's bright, the fuchsia's orange] but as part of it I have to get in a little bit earlier (I'm becoming responsible for maintaining various webservers etc)... so the 3rd day of getting used to going in for an almost completely regular working day and what happens? A bridge collapses in the night so my trains from Kiddy are quite eratic [2 or 3 cancellations, the one I end up on is 25 minutes late and is cancelled when it hits Snow Hill (not that the cancellation affects me - I get off there anyway - but I'm sure it really peed off all those who were going further on)... Of course, I didn't get in until 11 last night >flashback<[ate tea, in bed around 2, waking up at 6... um.. sheet! 7 - no time for breakfast - quick change, animals fed - ran to station...] then the trip from new Street was hampered with picnics... I mean delay as the train waited for a guard [holding up 3 other services due to leave minutes afterwards]

ho hum
Here's to a better week of train travel next week.


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