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Friday, July 08, 2005

Excuse my mind

People deal with grief and terror and all those sort of things in different ways. I tend to go into shock and then start using humour to deal with it... The bombings in London are a terrible thing... but...

My mind is at its most active creative between 5am and 8am... which explains why hearing "Mambo number 5" on the radio suddenly had my mind applying a new meaning to the lyrics of this otherwise sexist, sleazy piece of popular music...

Now that's just sick! But it's the way my mind deals with things like this - otherwise I just shut down and can't focus on things, too busy worrying about the possibilities... I travel daily on the Birmingham/London rail line, as well as the Worcester London line, and I know that they're potential terrorist targets. Which is obviously worrying. [ As I boarded the trains today, I pondered where I'd put a bomb if I was going to "blow it up" and decided that there was no good answer. Anywhere would be just as bad as anywhere else. But I might stick to using the local services tonight, just to be on the safe side... ]

Yesterday, after the London bombings there was a bomb scare here in Coventry at Pool Meddow bus station which lead to the ring-road being closed for about 4 hours and businesses and schools nearby being evacuated - ending with a suspicious device undergoing a controlled detonation, and I've heard of similar things happening all over the country.

Going into work today, there are police everywhere. All over the transport network. I have the feeling though they're just there for show and if someone was to try something, it would succeed anyway.

My big worry, like I'm sure most people's is, is that the incident yesterday in London is just the start of something bigger.

Obviously, all sympathies to those affected by the bombs, those who have lost family members, friends etc. and I apologise again about my brain, and for my desire to share the contents of it.


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