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Monday, July 11, 2005

Dual Monitor Madness

... or post-modernistical craziness

I've recently come into posession of a number slightly older PCs - having replaced the processor on one [exchanging a Slot1 PII 266 for a celeron 333/66 ] and having the graphics play up... I ended up sticking a PCI graphics card in... still no joy - then I noticed the processor wasn't properly fixed in... One firm push in later and we're booting into Wonderous Windows 98se. And... what's this ? Recognised new device? Hmm.. Let's stick a monitor on the end and see what happens... wooooooh cool! Dual monitors.

[and this is at a time when I'm looking for a cheap switch box to allow me to use one monitor, keyboard and mouse with multiple PCs...]

Crazy! Oh the fun we have!

Watch as the mouse ... appears on the 2nd screen... wooooooooh.

Maybe you just had to be there :-)


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