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Friday, June 24, 2005

Why shouldn't we give our woes chocolate eclairs?

... or another meaningless title spawned from a trawl through the mailCritical spam report

Received.: 2005-06-23 18:47:56
Sender...: Philippe@h[censored]
Subject..: Don't Just Treat Your disease . Prevent It

Yes, I know. You're sitting at home or at work or in a cybercafe or making use of a wireless network and going "hmm. I really should go and buy that big jam tart for my lymphoma." [or maybe a twinkie - yum yum - indestructable sugar food Mmmm (Twinkie Project)] But no! Stop! Put your money back in your purse right now you foolish numero uno! Don't you see?

You should be spending your time stopping IT from spreading!

In fact, get an axe right now and hack your computer to bits! Go on! You know you want to. Then your calculator - your fridge freezer, your video recorder and DVD player, the games console and the Television it's under, the hi-fi, the scientific calculator, your washer and tumbledrier, the dishwasher, the radio, your car and of course, don't forget your "cuddly toy" !

No? You still want to get your Tonsilitis an all expenses paid trip to Bali and a Porche 911 ?

You great stinking ninny!

Oh, and yes, I do have 2 calculators... well.. actually, I have 3, but let's not be silly here...


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