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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Crying at my christening

My religious upbringing was kinda odd. If the objective was raising a good Christian, it failed. All despite being christened and attending a "Church of England" primary school. Like most Englanders, I never attended church simply because it was a Sunday. Church services seemed rather dull. No-one took me and I usually had better things to do. (Like sitting down and staring into space.)

Whenever I hear about American Christians, I'm always amazed at the effort they put into church attendance. They dress up in nice clothes and they go every week! Are they nutty?

During my baptism as a baby, I cried and screamed. So loud, the vicar had to speak up to be heard. Perhaps I was making an early protest at being introduced into a religious organisation without being asked, or I was just a big baby. I recently asked my mother why they had me baptised in the first place. Turned out it was just done thing. Babies routinely just get baptised.

Still, getting your head wet for a few moments is a rather minor procedure, especially compared with getting various body parts hacked off as a matter of routine. My crying could have been a lot louder.


  • Getting Some religion
    [with apologies to REM]

    That's Bill in the corner,
    That's Bill at the font, now, getting some religion.
    He dislikes being christened,
    but at least he isn't Jewish

    oh no I've said too much
    I'll set them off.

    I thought that I'd heard you splashing
    I thought that I'd heard a scene
    I think I thought I saw you cry

    But that was just some priest
    That was just some priest

    That's Bill in the corner...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 12:25 PM, June 07, 2005  

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