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Friday, May 27, 2005

Whatever happened to Vic and Bob?

Or a very brief review of their ITV show "Monkey Trousers"

While I am a fan of the surreal worlds that Vic [Reeves] and Bob [Mortimer] I'm not so sure about their "new" show on ITV "Monkey Trousers"... A couple of the characters, I liked [Bob's Estate agent for one, the Geordies in space for two] but most of it failed to raise a titter. Of course, they also have the comedy-drama "Catterick" [now showing on BBC2] which looks wierdly interesting, but I've only managed to watch 5 minutes of it so far and the jury is still out on it.

So what has happened? Have Vic and Bob lost "that which makes them funny" or is my mind over-run with humour that it takes something special to make me laugh ?

Any enlighenment for me?


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