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Monday, May 30, 2005

Sue D'oh Koo

I'm Bill, and I'm a sudoku addict.
(Hi Bill)

The rules are that the digits 1 to 9 must appear without repetition each row, column and 3x3 box. Its a logic puzzle. If you find yourself adding these numbers together, you are not doing it right.

Here's how it's done. Observe the far right hand column. It has no number 2. Where could it go? It can't go anywhere in the top two 3x3 boxes, because they both have a number 2 already. There's only one vacant spot left, so write in a 2 there.

The same method can be used to find the 7 on the same column. (You'll need to look at the full game above. You couldn't tell from just this snippet to the right.) With that 7 in place, there is only one spot left for the 4 to go in that column. As the puzzle goes on, the introduction of new numbers allow you to find more.

This puzzle is Griffiths Jones's Daily Sudoku for the 24th of May 2005. I'm also fond of the Independent's puzzles, especially their 16x16 puzzle, using all ten 0-9 digits and the letters A-F.

My life has been taken over by these pointless puzzles. Please help. And just say no.

(Wasn't this a much nicer article that nasty mean-spirited "Ha ha" one.)


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