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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Review: Cinema

Yesterday, I went to watch the film version of The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy at my local cinema. Last time I went to the cinema was to watch The Matrix. I recall uncomfortable seats and a noisy audience. Ever since, I'd wait for the DVD rental instead.

This film was a bit different, I wanted to watch it. What the hey, I'll give the local cinema a try.

The "local" cinema was about 12 miles away, with 2 miles of unexpected road works. I arrived about 10 minutes late, but I had expected adverts so no problem. Indeed, after queuing for five minutes for my ticket (£6) they were showing an advert for the new Star Wars film when I found my seat. Even though I arrived late, I was still faced with around ten minutes of adverts with no fast forward button or even a mute button!

This time, the audience was rather sparse, about 30 people. No screaming babies. It was probably a sheer lucky gamble to turn up to this showing.

As the studio's spinning logos appeared, a thought went through my mind. "I need to go use the bathroom". In the rush to get in, I had neglected this detail. The film started with a sequence of dolphins swimming and splashing around and no pause button.

Some films (the Terminators, 2001) lend themselves to the big-screen cinema treatment. This film would work just as well on DVD at home. For all the travelling and having no control over the proceedings, it would have to be exceptional. Or maybe I'm just a control freak.

Oh yeah, the film itself. It was okay.


  • I have not stepped foot into a theater in a very long time.

    Oddly, I do not want to go see this new traveling pants movie.

    By Blogger Rori, At 7:06 PM, May 21, 2005  

  • I think the last thing I remember seeing was "The Powerpuff Girl Movie" ... um... I was taking my children [aged 3 and 8 at the time]

    Saying that, they've just opened a local cinema [which cuts out the need for a rail or bus journey to the next nearest cinema...]

    I was tempted to see "Arsenic and old lace" performed in Wolverhampton back in April.. but I forgot :-)

    By Blogger M., At 4:36 PM, May 23, 2005  

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