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Saturday, April 02, 2005

A look in the logs (March 2005)

Yet again, a peek into the server log file. Enjoy.

Just the "unusual" search engine queries this month.
  • baby vomit wmv
  • how to get magical trevor mp3 for mobile
  • keelie
  • small minority wanted to ruin it for the rest of us
  • bbc childrens tv 1980s greenfingers
  • shiney on the inside
  • incredibly stupid llama
  • dream technology bill godfrey
  • candle phobia
  • I can't believe it's not yatta
  • Drewmo phone number
  • eeyore complex
  • condom sizing
  • Robert McCartney jpeg ira
  • official banana protector
  • dancing people flash animation
  • I've been stupid
MSN search
  • cancel hotmail plus
  • getting out of bed pics
  • google self esteem
  • how to role a bandage
  • i can love you the best pick me up at 3.00
  • pictures of my nan
  • chocolate concrete recipe
  • funny phrases on drugs
  • peeing cam
  • people that want sex in swindon
  • pop songs on toast
  • topsy turvey
  • two toe use holiday
  • ave maria mp3
  • breaking animated pics
  • fat sad people
  • funny baby songs
  • good and funny catch phrases
  • hunt sex photo
  • i could be so good for you theme tune
  • mikey smell
  • peeing teen
  • picture of a cartoon cactus
  • pictures of the inside of supermarkets
  • pictures of vegetable pies
  • resturant adverts
  • strange people dreams
  • tactile sculpture
  • the style of ninjitsu
  • theme tune of the bill
  • topped by gay police
  • why did humans start to talking
  • part man part troll
  • redundancy at tv travel shop
  • should we panic over bird flu
  • wally world
  • zombie car advert
  • won't you come home bill bailey
  • phallic symbol cake
  • interesting things about bath uk
  • subliminal messages in songs bob ricci
  • children's tv is dog brain plant
  • bizare fetish sexual pornographic pictures
  • pumamanor

Alas, I had to classify all the "free asian sex web cam" stuff as "usual". Eeeek.

Here's the past month's top 10 asked for files. (Feburary's spot in brackets.)
And finally, here's the the browsers you are all using. (Robots excluded.)
  • 79% use Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • 18% use Mozilla Firefox.
  • 2% Use Safari.
  • 1% use Opera.
Wasn't that fun?


  • Stop using Internet Explorer. It is part of the anti christ's weapon of mass f*ck up your computer.
    Use Mozilla. Or Opera.

    By Blogger thyiad, At 8:27 PM, April 13, 2005  

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