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Friday, April 15, 2005

I didn't know I was pregnant....

  in the news today [and featured on GMTV - of all places] is the story that a young girl helped deliver her baby brother after their mother complained of a stomach ache...

What I always find amazing is that these women always claim to "have been non the wiser" - but in this case, it was the ladies forth child. You would have thought that she would have realised. [ I have had this conversation many times with lady friends, but we always make the assumption that it's a first time mum and they ignore things that you would otherwisely been aware of.]

In this case, the woman seemed a little "out of it" [which I'm putting down to being interogated by GMTV camera crew at 6 in the morning while she has 3 young children and a week (and a bit) old baby... although, who knows]

The best bit of this whole story is that GMTV played the 999 call tapes back which went something like this:

Child: My mom needs an ambulance she has stomach pains
Op: Okay, there's one on the way.
Child: (screaming) a babies coming out - oh mom!

I always think it's Urban Myth, or people in denial. If you've had a baby without knowing you were pregnant [If hearing voices from God are involved, all the better!] then leave comments. A quick search on google showed lots of times where people found out late into the pregnancy that they were pregnant... but going the whole 9 months without knowing is incredibly unlikely... I would think...


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