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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Help I am bleeding

This is a actually healthcare for the terrified 3 - I haven't received any money (or chocolate) so you asked for it.

My last post was probably Saturday afternoon. Well I had a slight bleed about 2am Sunday morning which stopped. It gets drummed into you that you should always contact the hospital ward for any bleeding so I did. "We haven't got a doctor but you could go to A&E" (ER for Americans). Six hour wait to be told it's OK? Don't think so.

Anyway all was well until 6pm Sunday evening. Bigger bleed. Rang hospital. They have a doctor so go in. NOW. Bugger.

I will spare you the cannula saga but it resulted in me not having one and refusing to let one doctor near me. Little shit lead me to believe he wanted a blood sample, turned out he wanted to leave a cannula in my arm. Also turns out he f-ed up the blood sample so I was freaked for no reason. They insisted on keeping me in in case I bled to death.Frankly I would rather have had the antibiotics to take home and taken the chance.

Sunday night, I almost melted. I am convinced they are trying to kill me with the heat.

Monday - more antibiotics (yes the smell was due to an infection, no I still haven't worked out why they don't give you antibiotics to begin with). I did sleep a lot of the time with a brief interlude of telling the ward sister that if they are unable to provide my tablets on time, I will go home against their advice where I will take my medication on time.

I was supposed to have antibiotics (two lots) at 2.30pm. Despite three times of asking this turned up at 10pm. I explained that I know how important it is to take antibiotics especially on time and if they were unable to do so then I would do it myself. I don't want to be there and tablet roulette wasn't helping my recovery. Apology recieved from them and next lot of tablets on time. I think someone got a bollocking. Good.

It drives me crazy that I have to ask for everything. Like pain killers. And antibiotics. And water. I am not that ill.

Discharged on Tuesday AM. Collected from hospital by uncle. Who immediately drove to the main hospital site because "I have an appointment to see a specialist" (I forget which one, heart, kidney, blood) "you normally come with me". Just when I thought I was going to get out of that heat.

Arrived home Tuesday to decide to eat everything I could see. Then decided chips, sausage and fishcakes would be a good idea. Reasonable success.

Wednesday morning. Went to see the surgeon again. No sign of any lymphoma when they did the histronic on the tonsils & adenoids. Says my throat will be sore for another couple of weeks and not to go back to work next week. Great I get to use two weeks of my holiday being ill and still wind up with a third week without pay.

Actually only the left side is a bit tender (were the infection/bleed was) the other bit is ok. It is silly stuff liking yawning hurts a bit.

Now all I have to do is find someone to eat all this bloody ice cream. I actually don't have any food in this house - it is all ice cream.

Verdict so far. Not too bad but make sure the idiots send you home with antibiotics.


  • I'm glad you're recovering - although it is unfortunate that my opinion of the competance of most hospital staff is re-enforced by your experiences. But that's life.

    I'll trade you noodles for ice-cream.

    By Blogger M., At 2:08 PM, April 15, 2005  

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