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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Dr Who

I liked it.

(There's my in depth review.)


  • I would have to say I agree.

    It's nice seeing the BBC bringing it back. After the previous Dr Who attempt failed to get very far ( Paul McGann - one TV movie and half a dozen [flash] cartoons - possibly a couple of audio plays) I wasn't expecting much more than the odd "children in need" or "comic relief" special ... but this works well.

    Despite the budget, the effects, it still looks very British [ which, means wobbly sets (well, not that wobbly) , super-imposing artifacts, and characters looking like they were made by the person who designs the "Blue Peter" art projects [using a cardboard tube and a couple of yoghurt pots] - obviously there for the long-time fans :-)

    But it is good. I think, at least. Interestingly the first episode, "Rose" ,of the new Doctor [Christopher Eccleston] mirrors that of the one that introduced the 3rd Doctor [Jon Pertwee, "Spearhead from Space"]. Yes, those old foes "The Nestene" and Autons make a welcome re-appearance; only this time they're far more menacing.

    An interesting switch is the change from a multi-part serial to self contained shows. A definate improvement that keeps the pace that some of the "original series" would lack from time to time.

    With the series being 2 episodes in (the 2nd wasn't that bad either - made me think of the Peter Davidson era [5th Doctor] - I think it was the design of the "space platform" )
    we've had the news that Christopher has resigned. Boo! Hiss! [Jonathon Ross said "it only took them 10 years to get this one" while trying to convince Eddie Izzard to take the role - I think Eddie would make a good Doctor... :-) ] but I'm getting sidetracked. It looks good. Let's hope it gets the support it needs.

    [In case anyone is interested, I think my favourite foes were the Cybermen - at least, until "silver nemesis" when Ace started chucking lumps of gold at them...]

    By Blogger M., At 5:03 PM, April 05, 2005  

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