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Friday, March 18, 2005

"Bring me sunshine in your smile, bring me laughter all a while...

 ...In this world where we live there should be more happiness
So much joy you can give to each brand new bright tomorrow" © Sylvia Dee / Arthur Kent

Well.. after snow earlier in the month, we've finaly got signs of spring/summer coming. The past couple of day have been quite nice an toasty and as I look through the office window a bright, warm sun is beating down - with promises of much the same over the weekend. Oh, whoopie! About blooming time too I have to say.

Earlier this week I was on a bit on a non-specific downer. No idea what caused it, no idea what happened. No idea why I'm on a high right now - could it be the weather ? Could it be too much chocolate? Could it be Central Trains and their 68% average punctuality rate? I don't know - I don't really care. I'm happy and smiling and bouncing around like a rubber ball in a very small room.

What utter nonsense. :-)

I always try to keep smiling [must get around to buying the Brian Wilson CD of the similar name] positive outlooks and all that jazz. But anyway, I've always had a soft spot for Morcambe and Wise (where the song quote at the beginning comes from, in case you didn't know) - having grown up during their hayday - always watching them on Sundays, watching celebrities making fools of themselves... it always seemed (a little) like a grown up version of the muppets... but with a distinct lack of puppetry. [of course, early shows befell the BBC's policy of sandwedging music (often jazz) into anything that could be considered "light entertainment" - but what better time to go and make a cup of tea :-) ]

Anyway, here's to sunny weather, happiness and many more days of the same.


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