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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Swindon mania

Last year, I went on a training course at the WindRiver offices in Swindon. Took lots of photos. Frankly, I'd scroll down to the next article if I were you.

Here's the rear ends of Jonas and Gustavo, after we parked the car and went for some food. Gus didn't bring a jacket, so he borrowed my emergency jacket.

As you can see, I'm a rather big guy. Gus's hands are in there somewhere.

This is Jonas, as seen from the front.

Jonas and I, outside a resturant. It turned out to be a Thai restuarant. Does it look a Thai resturant to you?
(Photograph © Gustavo Perez, 2004.)

On the third day of my visit, we visited Bath.

Me, enjoying a drink of cola and lemon in a Bath pub. I needed a shave.

Gus and Jonas, enjoying a drink. They both shaved.

Did I take the previous two photos and paste them together? Or did we ask a waitress to take a photo of us. You decide.

WindRiver offices from afar.
(Photograph © Gustavo Perez, 2004.)

Students and instructor.
(Photograph © Gustavo Perez, 2004.)


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