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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Pervasive Odor of Toast

  In a similar fashion to that used by supermarkets to summon people deep into the bowels of their stores, my train this morning pumped out the smell of freshly lightly burnt toast...

[ Well, burnt in the way that toast is. ] To be honest, it was quite a welcome odor, definately beating previous smells of "baby vomit" (although it could have easilly been sour milk that was not getting any fresher), someone's flatulent murmerings and, my least favourite experienced when I had to stand for the journey the other day, "someone's connected the sewer to the air conditioning" ]

Toast is like Chinese food. You smell it, you want it. Although I'm a bit of a toast freak - have been all my life. What is it about lightly burnt bread that tastes so good? Does it mysteriously trigger pleasure sensors in the brain ? I don't know - I'm an analyst programmer not a neurosurgeon damn it! I don't know art but I know what I like.

Still, onto the more interesting topic of "toppings"... Do you have it plain, spread spreads, apply liberal amounts of preserves ... or something else? [I commonly have it either plain or with a little sunflower spread... But, if I have to eat on the run I'll apply a liberal amount of apricot jam (or Jelly) and fold.]

... now I'm hungry.


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