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Friday, February 25, 2005

"Oh boy, I dreamt about you last night... came to me dressed all in white head to toe. I know we both deserve a holiday. Some place where we can meditate. We're still shiney on the inside." Shiney on the inside, © 1999 Mikey Georgeson

What a strange dream I had last night. Now. I do have strange dreams from time to time. Odds are, I have them more often than I remember - the way the human mind works and all that malarky. But this was one of my "could easily have happened" dreams. The sort that make you think days after "yeah... I did that... and then the bus conductor turned into a penguin... no... wait... it was just a dream..."

Anyway, onto the dream. I used to have a quite good female friend who I will refer to as P____ . Now, I used to spend a lot of time with her, being my usual "funny ha-ha" self, her being her ususal "funny ha-ha" self too. Then we both went our separate ways [ I think the last time I saw her was about 3 years ago at what was at the time the local Safeway ]. Anyway, I suspect you think you know where this dream is going? You may be right - but watch for the twist at the end. Anyway, onto the dream... again... now we've carried out our pre-requisites! The dream starts with me walking around Coventry city centre - if you've been there, you know what I mean - but it's not that important - just insert any collection of stores and mini-malls and you'll be there. Anyway, I walking around the way I do when I pass .. I think it's the fountain near the libarary when I see P_____ . We rush towards each other and have a long, lingering embrace. We talk for a while - partly like we've never had that period of time without each other.

Then it goes strange. For some reason I'm at my Uncle M____'s house - I've not seen him for quite a while [and I think he's fallen out with my mom over something or other] and I'm talking to P_____ on a mobile phone... to make a long story short - we've declared our love for each other, but right now she's having a go at me because she's been talking on the phone for about 40 minutes - which is quite expensive when you're calling a mobile and I tell her I'm sorry and I'll call her back. But try as I might, I cannot find her number. Then I woke up.

[there was also a bit somewhere at my Uncle's house where there was lots of people and I have the phone, but for some reason I find I'm talking to someone who's serving food/drinks and I thought it was P_____ who was calling me...]

All very strange. Not sure what it means - I've not thought about P____ or my uncle for quite a while, and, although she was a good friend - we were never "that" close. Maybe I slipped into a bizare alternative reality there for a few minutes or something...

maybe I lied about the twist.

[additional note: 27/2/05 : I woke up this morning dreaming that M___ and B___ were taking me somewhere in their car (in fact, the last things I heard before waking up was M___ saying "you can put your bag in the back if you want or just have it with you" ) then seconds later I was woken up by the phone ringing and B___ saying "do you want to have a lift to this place in the car.... spooky... I have had "peeing" dreams before where I really needed to go and in my dream I found a urinal... but that was a long, long time ago - but same galaxy... Have yet to bump into P_______ in town and embark on a relationship of mystery and passion.... sometimes a cucumber is just a phallic symbol.]


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