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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

A look in the logs (January 2005)

Interesting things observed in the server access log file...

People have found us whilst searching for...
  • vicar Dibley Pics 2005 christmas
  • a picture of a alien
  • teletubbies are evil
  • died like me
  • uk web cam sex
  • adult web cam work
  • explain web cam
  • good house keeping in the 1960's
  • looking for some catch phrases
  • pics of joints
  • rate my adult picture
  • read my lips
  • sex diary
  • web cam sex
  • adult web cam
  • catch phrases
  • movie catch phrases
  • incredibly stupid picture
  • thia
  • magical trevor
  • chocolate concrete
  • llama cartoon
  • webcam diaries
  • he Llama Song by Burton Ernie
  • animated llamas
  • thia translation
I also noticed that "BlogShares" is keeping an eye on this diary, in that its robot loads in the front page every few days. It says here I can "claim" my dairy as my own by showing this..
.Listed on BlogShares
It seems this diary is worth $2,100. Woo hoo! Except that's fake dollars. Dag nabbit.

That reminds me, I'm also listed in "Is my blog HOT or NOT", except that was my old diary. I just need to show this link...
Is my Blog HOT or NOT?
Wasn't that nice.


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