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Monday, February 21, 2005

Green fingers [or is it "green thumbs" ? ]

  I've always liked making things grow...

I'm a little excited right now because I had some garlic which had decided it was a good time to start sprouting shoots so I stuck it in a little pot [Saturday] and gave it a little bit of water ... by this morning it has a shot up and now has a little stalk about an inch and a bit high.

[Other plants I'm growing :
  1. a cactus... not really much to say here - I like cacti and it's basically just keeping it alive - maybe it'll have a growth spurt in the near future ?
  2. Chilli plant : A friend had a dog that kept getting into their plant so they sprinkled some chilli flakes to put it off... it worked, although a little while later they had a number of chilli seedlings coming up! Most got frost damaged but I took one in and it's growing big and strong... Woohoo!
  3. A mix of "folliage plants" that looks quite nice (a fern, somesort of ivy and a pink leaved thing that I forget the name of)
I should really try growing pees, onions and radishes again... maybe some herbs... ]


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