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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

To post...perchance to sleep

Greetins all! My name is Kendra, and though you might have seen my name up as a contributor for some time now, this is the first time I've! :) Hum,....what should my first contribution peace....a cure for all disease.....a good recipe for chocolate chip cookies?? Na, I'll start with something simple, a post about posting (Did I mention I was brillent ;)
It is 2:30 am where I am, and I am posting so that I might sleep. As promised, this day has not passed without a posting from yours truly. Perhaps my next post will bring an end to world hunger, but for now it will just have to pacify Thia. ;)


  • Hello K. And welcome.

    Perhaps I ought to post my recipe for 'Chilli con Spam'. Its like chilli con Carne, but a bit different. That could go some way to bring an end to world hunger.

    By Blogger Bill P. Godfrey, At 9:50 AM, January 12, 2005  

  • Bill - that sounds similar to my Chilli recipe - except I use [English Tinned] corned beef rather than spam.

    [and, if I recall correctly, "Chilli con Carne" basically means chilli with meat... although I do suspect that the jury is divided on whether we can consider spam a "real meat"]

    [mine is...
    Ingredients: a good size slice of corned beef - up to half a tin size (about 1/2 of a cup)
    1/4 to 1/2 of a cup of kidney beans,
    1/8 to 1/4 of a cup of sweetcorn,
    1/8 to 1/4 of a cup of sliced mushrooms (optional) ,
    1/8 of a cup of sliced jalapenos,
    1 small tin of chopped tomottoes (about 1 cups worth, or there-abouts),
    1/4 to 1/2 a cup of cottage cheese, soured cream or grated cheese (per serving),
    rice [brown/white/whichever you prefer! I think white usually works best, but brown has a nice flavour],
    2tblsp white pepper,
    pinch of salt,
    1tblsp of chilli powder.

    1) prepare some boiled rice [ about 10-15 mins in the micowave]
    2) fry the beef in a little oil, salt, white pepper, as much chilli powder as you feel you'd like and gently break the meat up. When it starts browning, add everything else.
    3) serve the rice - a good sized bowl is recommend. Add a healthy portion of the chilli, and top with the cheese/cream

    note that my measurements are guesstimations. Basically, you know what looks right. When the pan is full, stop adding ingredients. If it looks half empty - add more ! :-) ]

    By Blogger M., At 10:53 AM, January 12, 2005  

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