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Monday, January 10, 2005

Time Dilation...

... or the in-ability to come up with something interesting to say by means of an introduction.

So, here I am. Invited to donate my ramblings to the incredibly inaccurately titled "Bill and Thia's incredibly Stupid Diary"... I am, of course, considering it inaccurate due to the lack of "incredible stupidity" and the fact that the contributors have changed since its conception. Maybe I was being a tad melodramatic about it being incredibly inaccurate. Maybe I should have stuck with mildly inaccurate ? I'm not really sure. Anyway, here I am.

I was going to write something about Jerry Springer, the Opera! [which was shown on BBC 2 at the weekend] but I worked out that my whole [laboured] points were;
  1. I liked it.
  2. If people don't like something, they shouldn't sit through 2 hours of it just so they can complain about it later.
So I'll save you all the rambling rant that really wasn't going anywhere interesting.
Anyway, back to the grindstone.


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