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Monday, January 31, 2005

The part man... part Troll that is...

  ...Bill Bailey.                                       google-rific or what pop-pickers?!?

Once again, Google in it's infinate sense of surreal simularities has decided to put 2 adverts for "Bill Bailey" in it's advert bar on the side. Not entirely sure why [It couldn't be a combination of Eddie Izzard, the Oracle and some Penguins... could it? ]

But ... I'd have to recommend his strange world to everyone. I caught a large chunk of "part troll" the other week when I was channel hopping and found it lucking in the bowels of channel 4. To be honest, he's always impressed me. As a long-time regular team captain on comedy quiz show "Never mind the buzzcocks" he tends to have me chuckling nicely into my cocoa whilst wearing the pink furry imaginary slippers that my wardrobe lacks.

Quite the musical genius too.

(As a sensible aside, only 2 adverts total were shown ? Are they going for quality over quantity [maybe I should follow their example?] or did someone pour milk into their flux capacitor and chocolate on their jam trousers? I think I'm either bored, ill, or in a silly mood today and quite obviously lying about this being a brief sensible aside. Oh no! I've just realised I'm writing all this in parenthesis! I've not done that since 1998 ! Although that was the famous "brace, bracket and parenthesis rush of 1066" and to be expected. But, we don't want interjections of random punctuation. It's just not called for !)


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