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Thursday, January 20, 2005

où est la qualité, jour le temps télévision ?

Suddenly, I am enlightened to the plight of students searching for cult televisual entertainment between the hours of 9am and 6pm...

Having been "off sick" from work for the past couple of days [some kind of flu/cold thing, not nice at all, wouldn't recommend it] I have been dismayed at the lack of decent "daytime television" on the main terrestrial channels in England. If you are not interested in ...
  1. Watching people rummage through their attics, pulling out "antiques" and selling them at car boots/ auction,
  2. Watching people redecorate their houses,
  3. Watching people "landscape" their garden,
  4. Watching people look for/ buy a new house...
...then don't be caught at home during the hours of nine to five if you can help it. The daytime line-up is particularly limited on the four main channels... Which explains why shows like "Richard and Judy" and "The Teletubbies" achieve cult student followings. They are the only things shown on tele that have any vague individual shreds of entertainment value.

I suspect it's part of a government conspiracy to get people off their behinds and into low-paid employment [ and if not employment, then careers as self-employeed gardeners, decorators, antique dealers etc. ] Possibly to also to discourage people from taking "sickies" from work more often than they probably should. I know that I've returned to work, probably a couple of days before I'm properly recovered because I can walk, I'm not breaking out in cold sweats, and apart from a little cough [which is good - getting all that phlegm off my chest! ] I'd rather be out of the house and doing something useful.

See! It worked! I am another "victim of daytime TV" statistic showing the policy is working. Bring back the days of "programmes for schools" - at least then there'd be a chance of finding something intellectually stimulating...


  • HEY!?!?! I like Cash in the Attic! Well the episodes with the guy as host anyway. I'm hoping for the high bids right along with them. Unless they're a pain and want too much of a reserve on an item they've overlooked for years. "Hey, last week I thought that thing was crap. Now I think it's worth double the estimate!" Then I usually hope they don't do well and are stuck with the item forever (since they're so damn proud of it now). I'm grumpy like that.

    By Blogger Thia, At 8:07 AM, January 23, 2005  

  • I agree that some of the shows are good. The problem is when you're looking for something to watch and you go
    "BBC1 - antique hunt style show" hmm... "BBC2 - teletubbies" "ITV - antique style show" "C4 - an antique style show"

    If you're not in the mood to watch an "antique style show"... you're a little stuffed really. [ditto for gardening / home buying / decorating etc ]

    By Blogger M., At 11:16 AM, January 24, 2005  

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