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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Just another manic...

Wednesday! I wish it was Friday, 'cause that's my fun-day, my I-don't-have-to-work-tomorrow-day...

It's just another manic Wednesday! [with apologies to the Bangles] But, on a positive note, at least the trains were keeping to their timetables more-or-less, which makes a change.

Yesterday was my youngest's fourth birthday - it seems like only yesterday she was a blurry smear on an ultrasound and now she's a big girl. Although, to be honest, it seems like only yesterday I was ( well... not a blurry smear - I have no recollection of the time prior to my birth !! ) a 70's child running around in my little red car, playing my red plastic "electric guitar" (with yellow wobble-bar no-less!) and banging on my tin drum. Days seemed to be so long, and yet pass so quickly. She's always been ahead of herself, wanting to be older. [Rolling over from birth, sitting unsupported a few months old, walking around at 8-9 months... etc]

It makes me feel like I must be getting old.


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