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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Bye Bye Larry's

For four years I've worked in the same company and developed a routine. Like most people I had my regular haunts for lunch time. My favorite was Larry's Deli. It helped that it's owned by a fantastic family headed by Joel and Trish. You'll notice that neither Joel nor Trish is Larry. All the newcomers to the deli assume that Joel is Larry until they've been around for a while. It's obvious that sons Chris and Kurt aren't Larry since Joel always calls them by name. They of course call him Dad leaving room for Larry speculation. It's even more obvious that neither grandmother Edie nor Kurt's girlfriend Nicole are Larry.

So I'm left to wonder, was there a Larry? If so, what happened to him? Is he off in some distant Larryland? Did he leave of his own accord? Hmmm... None of la familia Larry's seems homicidal, although Chris can be a bit grumpy now and then. But that's the problem child for you. (I must admit I'll miss you Grumpelstiltskin. You're like the little brother I never had. Thank God.) So, I personally choose to assume that Larry succumbed to spontaneous combustion leaving his beloved deli a ghost-town like venture in need of new blood. Enter Joel and Trish's clan.

It's funny that I really didn't think of Larry or his fate much before leaving that job last week. By my last day, I knew this is the thing I'll miss most. My daily trek to Larry's. So, thank you Joel for laughing at my inclusion of rarely used vegetables in my chef salad requests and for making a damn fine omelet. Thank you for insisting on calling gourmet chicken salad "grommet" instead. Thank you Trish for the little asides under your breath regarding whatever the others were talking about. Since you've not been around as much lately, I want you to know you've been missed. Thank you Edie for having the cutest German accent on earth, especially for calling out my orders were "valking" (that's to-go for the rest of us). Thanks Chris for the bad jokes, snarky 'tude and gentle spirit all that silliness hides. And thank you for squishing my grilled cheese sandwiches just like my mom used to when I was a kid. Thank you Kurt and Nicole for all my damn fine chef salads, for all the Big High Octanes and Big Low Octanes (large colas and large diet colas), the kind hearts and big smiles. Thanks for the jokes and kindness. I will miss you all.


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