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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Big Brother is...

 ...being watched.
Now I'm not particularly a fan of reality television. But this years Celebrity Big Brother seems to have caught my attention. Not in any big way, but, I came to the realisation tonight that I've watched between 10 and 30 minutes of Big Brother every night this week. This obviously leads me to wondering why ?

Well, obviously, first I checked for any scar tissue indicating the presence of alien implants [ which might also explain my uncanny ability to break electronic toys just by touching them ] But no! Nothing obvious existed. So why could I be watching 9 people - most of whom I don't know (although, apparently, they're celebrities) for a fair percentage of my televisual stimulation rather than doing, to quote 80's children's TV show Why don't you , something less boring instead?

The only conclusion I could come to is that there just isn't that much on television that entertains me anymore. [Which is one of the reasons I've not gone and bought into any of the "digital television" packages. When I look at people who have digital TV I usually find the same problem, you go through all the channels and end up watching something like one of the "home shopping" channels for entertainment ... of course, this process can take the best part of an hour - whereas with 4 channels, it takes a couple of minutes. It makes me wonder how much of our lives are taken up by channel hopping ? ]

Now, where did I put my book?


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