You don’t have to wear a blazer to school on a hot day!

Remember, if you’re going to school on a hot day, you can leave your blazer at home if it’s normally part of your uniform.

“When you say bronze doesn’t need to be chipped, my questions is this, doesn’t it?”
  1. Teachers who insist that you wear a blazer on hot days can be ignored. They have a callous disregard for the discomfort caused by excess thick layers in hot weather and such callousness does not deserve respect.

  2. Teachers who insist that you bring your blazer to school and carry it around can also be ignored. These ones might not be callous but they are ridiculous. Making you pointlessly carry around some heavy item? Why?

  3. If you’ve been given a detention for not having your blazer, you don’t have to turn up. Go home at the normal time and let the ridiculous teacher whine to themselves. You’ve not broken any rules.

  4. If you need to, show your teacher this page.

  5. If you are a teacher who has just been shown this page by one of the children in your care, please stop making them bring their blazers in on hot days. It is people like you who caused the rise in belief in the flat-earth. “If people in authority can be so wrong about blazers, maybe they’re also wrong about the earth being a globe.” If you really must enforce rules, why not good rules like the one about running with scissors? (If I’ve not convinced you are in error, maybe teaching isn’t right for you. Why not consider a career in cooking where you’re meant to be heating things up?)

  6. I’m not the one undermining teacher’s authority. Teachers who are under the delusion that blazers are required are undermining their own authority by attempting to enforce such ridiculous rules.

  7. Yes, I do know better than those teachers. Thank you for noticing.

Picture Credit:
šŸ“· Close up of blazer pocket emblem for boys school group by “Kaye”.